Unique Holiday Rental
Visual Identity

If the size of an apartment does matter, then the way it is decorated and portrayed on Airbnb, and other booking platforms, tends to have even more impact into the guests’ experience.

Every time we onboard a new apartment, we propose a redecoration and photoshoot of the apartment to the property owner. The aim is to differentiate the apartment from the competition and to increase the profitability.

Professional photographs

Pictures taken with a smartphone are not good enough anymore. We could manage the most beautiful apartment in Barcelona and nobody would book it if the pictures were amateurish.

But enough words, here are Airbnb’s statistics about the importance of professional photographs

  • Normal Photo
  • Professional Photo

Create a real style

The decoration sometimes says it all. Every apartment can be taken to the next level by giving them a Unique Style and decorating them to link them to the local culture.

For example, we redesigned a Gracia studio around the Rumba Catalana dance which was born in that neighborhood. We created a story about it and recreated the atmosphere of the dance in the apartment thanks to small details. We even stuck stickers in the apartment that can be scanned with a phone to take the guests to videos of the Rumba Catalana dance.

Stay U-nique’s apartments outshine the competitions’

Easy to clean and durability

On top of decorating the apartment so the guests will like it, maintenance and cleaning should also be considered. Furniture and accessories need to be easily cleanable, fixable or replaceable in case anything happens to it.

This will benefit both the guests and the property manager and will also reduce costs in the long run.

Design the apartment for travelers.

A cozy apartment is what makes our guests feel at home as opposed to staying in some generic holiday rental. Simple touches like an extra blanket on the bed or nice cushions on the sofa can easily do the trick.

We must not forget that we host travelers. They will need enough storage space for their belongings and luggage. They will also need everything they were not able to bring from home, so appliances like a hair dryer, iron, etc. are a must.

Why should owners care?

Great decoration and professional pictures are the recipe for success.

Beautiful pictures are necessary in order to grab the guests’ attention and therefore, convincing them to book. The decoration will give them the experience they expected. Not only does the apartment need to be well decorated, but it also needs to be suited to travelers. 

The initial cost of decoration and hiring a professional photographer will be paid off in very little time and are the necessary steps to take in order to outshing the competition. Which ultimately results in a better profit.

Is your apartment designed for travelers?

Does it tell a story?

Do the pictures in the listing make the guests want to book it?  

If you are doubting any of these points, get in touch with us, for any two-year contracts, Stay U-nique covers all the costs associated with redecoration and professional photographs.

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