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Airbnb’s Superhost status

Airbnb’s superhost status has proven to be a strong asset for all the hosts renting their apartment, therefore we strive to get the Superhost symbol next to our owner’s profile picture.

Our goal is to make sure future guests choose your property when they are planning their next trip to Barcelona, and we understand how the Superhost status positively impacts the occupancy and average nightly rate.

To decide on whether or not they grant this precious label, Airbnb is using some criteria that will differentiate between the average and the best hosts. Here is what you will need to comply with to enter the Superhost club:

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Become a Superhost with
Stay U-nique

As we can see, Airbnb is doing its best to guarantee the guests that the hosts with the Superhosts badge will deliver them the best possible service. This is our mission and to guarantee our owners that we reach this level we pay extra attention to the following points:

Customer service

To reach, and stay above the 4.8 average needed to be a Superhost, we make sure we provide our guests with an excellent service on all the aspects they will grade:

We are available 24/7 by phone and have an integrated communication system that allows us to answer questions before and after booking in the most efficient way.

Prior to each arrival, we send our guests instructions on how to reach the apartment and we have someone to meet them at the apartment to carry out the check-in in person. The check-in is not just a key delivery, but an introduction to the apartment and the city.
On top of that, we always offer a welcome basket with snacks and something to drink for them upon arrival.

This is probably the most important factor for our guests’ experience. That’s why we focused a lot on the training of our cleaning staff and congratulate them with bonuses for every 5-star reviews they receive.

All our guests receive a survey after their first night to rate the quality of their check-in, the first night, and cleanliness.

This way we are always able to mitigate any bad surprise they might have had and we ensure that they leave our apartment knowing that Stay U-nique cares about them.

Smart Booking Management

Airbnb is the main platform we use to rent out the properties we manage because it provides great advantages: a reduced commission compared to other OTA, and guests that are aligned with our services. However, we still use other booking platforms to ensure the best occupancy and best profit for our owners.

Thanks to our Smart Booking Management system we ensure that there is no overbooking, and therefore 0 cancelations from our side, which is crucial in becoming and remaining the Superhost status.

Our guest screening policy also enables us to efficiently screen guests so that we only host groups that fit our apartments’ rules. Once again avoiding any cancelations on our side.

Stay U-nique works towards your own Superhost status

Why is the Superhost status important for our owners?

More bookings, better revenue.

We shall not forget that Airbnb’s main goal is to make sure that the guests have a great experience during their trip. Therefore, Airbnb will give Superhosts more visibility on their platform because they know that they provide the best services.

For the guests, Airbnb’s badge ads an extra layer of credibility on top of the positive comments that you might already have. And for this, travelers are willing to spend more to have the guarantee that the apartment they rent will reach their expectations.

So for the property owners, this means:

  • An increase in the occupancy rate
  • A higher daily rate of about 20%

Managing your account

Some owners prefer us managing their own account instead of listing their properties under ours.

And here is why: maybe you are already a Superhost, in that case, we can maintain your status by directly managing your own account thanks to the co-hosting option.

If you are not yet a Superhost, we offer you the possibility to create and manage directly your own personal account. Indeed, managing an account with fewer properties that have great potential will give greater control to manage all the aspects needed to receive the Superhost status.


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