Stay U-nique and Holiday Rental
Revenue Management

Whether you bought your holiday rental in Barcelona as a pure investment, or if it was your main home but you decided to rent it out, you probably expect the best possible revenue from your apartment.

As we have been managing touristic apartment for more than 5 years now, we have become experts in maximizing the revenue of the owners we work for.


Maximize your rentals revenue with Stay U-nique

Too many owners aim for a 100% occupancy rate 3 months in advance. If we understand that it is reassuring to have a booked calendar, we also know that it is not the way to go to maximize profit.

Of course, the occupancy rate is an important metric, but the average daily rate should always be the next metric to take into consideration.

The fixed costs of a guest staying in a holiday rental such as cleaning, laundry, or check-in time, remain the same, regardless of how long they stay. Therefore, enforcing minimum stays is one easy way to maximize profit.

Of course, the minimum stay requirements will have to vary depending on the seasonality and the demand. Just like the prices, they should be continuously updated to fit with the market.

The price changes should be more complex than the traditional high and low season. The prices of an apartment should be impacted by special events, such as the Mobile World Congress, or even major Champions League games in Barcelona.

Combining price variation and minimum stays, we are able to make the most out of the different strategic times of the year. Benchmarking and daily updates of prices enable us to maximize profit.

In the quest for better profits, one must not forget that price strategy is only one side of the coin. Without a culture of pleasing guests and doing everything to make them happy, it would be impossible to have great results.

Great grades and reviews are the stepping stone to an efficient pricing strategy. But at the same time, it is necessary to comply with the expectations that come with high prices. Hence the necessity to provide excellent services to the guests to guarantee a long term growth.

Why is it important for owners?

As a Property Management Company, we have two pricing systems. The holiday rental owners’ we work for either receive a fixed rent, or we charge them a variable % of the revenue generated each month.

In both cases, our revenue management strategy has a direct positive impact on the rent paid to the owners. Most of the time our agency fee is covered by the raise in revenue

What about you, are you satisfied with the rent you are getting from your Holiday Rental?

If you would like to know how much revenue Stay U-nique would be able to generate with your touristic apartment, fill out the following form and we will get back to you!

Check how much Stay U-nique could earn you.

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