Stay U-nique and the
Neighbours relationship management

As Property Managers of Holiday Lets in Barcelona we are aware that we have a crucial part to play in the coexistence between the locals and the tourists coming to the city.

Therefore we take a series of necessary actions to limit the possible negative outcomes for locals in the building where we manage one or more touristic apartment.

Whether it is Airbnb, Booking or any other OTA, all the booking platforms give the possibility to write a description of the unit. They also give the opportunity to explain the house rules.

Therefore, we make very clear that we do not accept groups below the age of 30, or stag/hen do’s, as we know that they usually cause problems for the neighbours. It is also made clear that we have a no noise policy after 21pm.

Despite making our house rules very clear some groups still try to book our apartment even though they do not comply with our rules.

That is why we review and discuss with all our guests prior to their booking to filter out any group that will not be a great match with us.

We manage to do it in a way so that we can avoid canceling bookings, which is especially important with Airbnb to become and remain a Superhost.

Each and every apartment that we manage has a noise monitor installed that we can track 24/7. We receive a notification every time the noise in an apartment reaches a certain threshold which allows us to contact the guests before it even becomes a problem for the neighbours.

We also work with a security company that will go to any apartment in case there is a party in the middle of the night.

We make it clear to the neighbours that we are managing an apartment in their building and that the said apartment has a valid license.

They also have access to our 24/7 phone number in case anything happens related to the apartment whether it is related to the guests or for any other reasons.

Care of the neighbours and rentability are compatible

Stay U-nique manages to keep the neighbours satisfied by making sure that they are never disturbed by our guests all the while guaranteeing a great economic profit to the owners.


For this reason, our accepted booking ratio is more than 10% below Barcelona’s average, but we still maintain a high occupancy rate.

Why is it important for the property owners to also care about this topic?

Because we strive to do sustainable tourism for Barcelona, a tourism that aims at eliminating all negative impacts on the city, we are convinced that we must take excellent care of our neighbours.

But for the property owners there is also another crucial reason why they should pay attention to this topic. As their apartments are at risk of losing their touristic license in the case of repeated complaints by the neighbours.

Managing your apartment

Do you experience issues with your neighbours? Are you looking for a management company that will know how to efficiently combine your interests and the ones of your neighbours as well?


Contact us to get more information or to get a revenue forecast!

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