5 Advantages of Property Management Companies you Never Knew

Having a rental apartment in Barcelona is an honour considering the evolution of tourism in this city. To save time you may have to call upon a management company. A management company will, as the name suggests manage your rental holidays for you. However, you have to be careful because even if these companies provide almost the same service, some of them just do the basics when others will go above and beyond, ensuring you have an excellent experience in every way.

The advantages of property management companies

The basic services

All the property management companies provide more or less the same basic services.

  • All of them will give guests the keys. However, some will always do in-person check-ins in the apartments presenting the city and answering questions, even if guests are delayed, whereas other companies require the guests to come and pick up the keys in an office sometimes far from the actual apartment.key collection
  • All the property management companies also include the cleaning of the apartment between each stay, which should include the management of laundry as well.
  • When guests are booking through a platform that does not have a deposit system, the management company should take care of taking it during check-in & refunding it afterwards, verifying that the apartment is in great shape.
  • They will be in charge of renting your apartment, selling it on different channels, and managing the calendar to get the highest revenue possible.
  • In Barcelona, every agency must collect the tourist tax and collect passport details of every guest, and then transfer it to the government.
  • They also must have an emergency telephone-line available 24/7.

The ”bonus” features that a good property management company can have

This leads us to wonder what are the features a company can have that others won’t since they are all supposed to provide the same holiday rental management service.

Some will succeed in differentiating themselves in many ways, that’s why agencies are not all worth as much as each other!

The management of the apartment

When you entrust your apartment to an agency, they should give you the option trenovating and painting apartmento renovate or simply redecorate your apartment for it to sell better and be more suitable for short stays, and they do this for free.

Management agencies also have to take care of the maintenance of the apartment, and its appliances. From the lightbulbs to the coffee machine and tightening each screw in the apartment. Everything should be perfect to give guests a flawless experience. 

The global management

They must also ensure the optimisation of the occupancy rate, management of offers, management of last-minute bookings

In particular, they must adapt the prices according to the Management workseasonality and events. Your company would also focus on the improvement of Airbnb listings, by ensuring new and professional photos for example.

Speaking of Airbnb, agencies have the role of managing your profile, but if you have the option, it’s best to keep it independent from the company’s Airbnb account. This is because, if you ever decide to take over the management, you will not lose the good comments and the quality of the account. Lower output barriers are therefore big benefits in the long term.

Satisfying the guests

It is also important to maximise customer satisfaction, through building a good relationship with them, making their stay in Barcelona unique and answering all of their questions about activities. In other words be a Super Host, making sure that guests leave as ambassadors to your property.

Management companies have to strive to offer their guests the best customer experience possible. This requires 24/7 assistance and providing small touches, such as a snack basket and a bottle of wine. The goal is being present and having a friendly relationship with the guests.

The company might also organise events depending on the calendar, such as Halloween or Christmas. This attention to details will always have an impact on Airbnb and booking.com ratings. This can be a good indicator when judging the quality of a management agency.

Taking care of the city & sustainable tourism

Neighbours: one feature that is becoming more and more important: the relationship of trust with the neighbourhood. To ensure that the noise will be kept low, filtering out tourists who come to have house parties is vital.

sustainableSmart technology for taking care of the environment: in fighting to lower the energy consumption in apartments, it is possible to use detectors to avoid wasting energy.

Use low consumption light bulbs and eco-efficient appliances, but also provide the guests with clear instructions for the local waste sorting. Read more about sustainable tourism in our article here.

In conclusion, some property management companies will succeed in differentiating themselves from others, so when choosing the one you will work with, keep in mind that it will have an impact on your apartment, your guests, but also the neighbours and city as a whole.

So knowing all that: choose wisely!

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