Finding the Perfect Guests for your Apartment

As an apartment owner, you probably find it important to find guests that meet the standards and expectations you have set up for your apartment. You do not want to have bad surprises during or after a stay. For example, you do not want to find your apartment damaged or extremely dirty after a booking. Also, you want to have guests that respect the neighbourhood and therefore you will receive no complaints from neighbours during their stay.

In this article, we will give you a few things can do as an owner to attract the perfect guests for your apartments and avoid having any issues.

Finding the perfect guests for your apartment

Age control

First of all, an age-limit is important to take into consideration when attracting ideal guests. Stay U-nique already has a strict screening process in which we do not allow people under the age of 25 in any of our apartments. In some apartments, the minimum age is higher depending on the size of the group people come with. Besides age, asking guests several questions before coming to find out more about the purposes of their visit could be useful.

Besides asking questions setting up rules for your property is very important. Rules can be used to make sure your guests get an idea of how to behave in the apartment and make the expectations of their stay as clear as possible. A few examples of rules are stated below:

  • Try to be quiet after 10 pm and when you’re entering the building.
  • Do not smoke in the apartment
  • Take out the garbage when necessary and at the end of your stay

Not only for property owners these rules can be very useful but also for guests themselves. Taking a very good look at the house rules before booking and before coming could avoid bad surprises and can set up expectations that meet reality.

When setting up rules, make sure they are reasonable and as short and clear as possible to make sure your guests will remember and follow everything. Airbnb has a built-in feature that before making a reservation people have to have read and accept the house-rules so that makes it easier for you to make them aware of the rules!

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How to attract families

As an owner, there are several things you can do to attract guests. Families are often found to be really nice guests because they tend to be calm and clean. To attract families, you have to provide a secure and safe environment and apartment. For example, make sure the apartment is children-proof by making sure there are no unnecessary sharp edges and unfinished construction.

Moreover, providing all the regular and basic equipment is a must that makes the stay for the guests as good as possible such as a washing machine, cleaning equipment and enough cooking supplies. However, when wanting to attract families you could provide some ‘extra’ equipment which is not too difficult. For example, a baby bed is very useful to add as well. It could be very convenient for guests to not have to worry about that and that might make people choose your property over others. On Airbnb, you can easily add a baby bed as a feature of the apartment so families know right away. For kids, it could also be useful to provide some toys or puzzles or maybe a little area decorated for kids to play in. In that way, the stay would be more fun for them and easier for the parents and these extras could also help lead to a good review for your property.

Take a look at our Family-Friendly Check-List to make sure that your apartment is fully equipped to welcome guests.

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How to attract couples

Besides attracting families, couples are also found to be great guests. Attracting couples could especially be useful for studios or one-bedroom apartments. When promoting your property on Airbnb you could attract couples by adding things such as ‘romantic apartment for 2’ to the apartment title. Couples might come to Barcelona for a perfect getaway and you as an owner could help with that. Small things matter, you could, for example, provide them with a nice welcome basket with a bottle of wine and a snack.

Also, by paying attention to the looks of the apartment in their slightest detail people could be attracted. Putting a few plants on the balcony, providing nice, modern furniture and try to make it romantic by adding colour to the apartment and details such as pillows and artwork. Make sure your apartment also smells good could also help to make people enjoy their stay and leave you a good review! Stay U-nique tries to make sure people feel at home by providing them with a welcome basket and we pay attention to details.

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How to attract seniors

Another great perfect group to target is seniors. Seniors mostly are calm guests who look for a comfortable apartment. Attracting them could be easily done by emphasizing the fact that the area is calm and nice with lots of cultural activities that can be done. What also should be included in the listing is that the building has an elevator, the apartment has air-conditioning. When you have contact with a regularly used taxi driver or airport-shuttle service, make sure to mention this to your guests when they book. In this way you could make their stay even easier and you provide really good service and details that help you get the booking.

In sum, setting up clear rules is important to make sure guests know what to expect and to make sure they can meet up to these standards. Besides adding a few simple things to your apartment and your listing could help attract families, couples and seniors. Attracting these several groups could be done easily and can make a huge difference in the experience of managing an apartment. Making the apartment as good as possible will make guests enjoy their stay and leave your apartment a good review and the better the reviews the better the revenue will be in the long run! Of course, Stay U-nique tries to apply as much things in their apartments to make it as convenient as possible for both the guests and the home-owners!

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