Keep your Neighbours Happy with these Simple TricksMost of the time, owners of touristic apartments only think about the satisfaction of their guests, and they are right, happy guests are essential to keep the business going. Unfortunately, sometimes they tend to overlook their relationship with other crucial stakeholders: the neighbours.

Simple tricks to keep your neighbours happy

In the following article, we will give you some tips on how to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours.

Barcelona, one of the European most visited cities.

Barcelona is the 7th most visited city in Europe. Since the 1992 Olympic Games, the Catalan Capital has seen its popularity as a tourist destination increase, and this, more and more each year.

Indeed, this event initiated urban arrangements designed to make Barcelona a world tourism capital with the improvement of the public services. The urban plan aimed for quality public spaces linked to leisure, renovations in the city, the rehabilitation of the harbour and access to the sea, etc.

Barcelona hence became increasingly attractive for tourists but also for international people who want to start a new life there, which make this city very cosmopolitan.

Tourism Demand
Source: Barcelona City Hall

The residents, tired about mass tourism.

Not everyone is fond of Barcelona becoming a world capital of tourism. Even if the growing influx of tourists is an undeniable sign of economic wealth for Barcelona, it is a double-edged sword for the local population who no longer recognize their neighbourhood because of an atmosphere that is sometimes too international, festive and noisy.

Following the increase in complaints and protests by the residents against mass tourism and all the inconveniences it might cause (saturation of public spaces or even environmental degradation), the city has elaborated a plan to regulate tourism. It includes stopping the issuance of hotel licenses in the old city to promote the “natural decline” of the sector and that hoteliers who wish to build or increase their housing offer have to recover licences from establishments that are disappearing. Only the outskirts of the city will be allowed to develop real estate projects.

The importance to respect our neighbours

For us, one of the most important things is to maintain a durable relationship with the local community. That is why, it is recommended to pay particular attention to the neighbours, some of whom, are very tired about tourist apartments which are often too noisy.

Moreover, noisy guests involve complaints from the neighbours, and receiving too many complaints can cause the loss of the license. That is why it is important to make sure that they stay happy.

NeighboursHow do we keep our neighbours happy?

In order to avoid bothering the resident of the building, it is important to take some measures. For example, creating strict house policies is one of the best ways to make sure guests will respect the neighbours.


Defining an age-limit can be the first step to avoid an excess of noise in your flats. Indeed, it might be a good idea to not allow groups under 25 years old, as they are more likely to create disturbance for the neighbours by organizing parties in the apartment or go back home late at night for example. The age-limit can be higher, especially if it is a big group of persons coming to Barcelona to celebrate a birthday or a bachelor party. It can be better to ask them before accepting their reservation or specified this rule on your house policy to not create disappointment.

The determination of this limit depends on your own experience with the neighbours regarding the level of their noise sensitivity.

No parties and no smoking

No SmokingFor neighbours, living near touristic apartments can have some inconveniences. Parties, noise in the apartment and the building or the smell of cigarettes which goes in the public part of the building can disturb them.

In order to be able to control that guests comply with the rules and avoid neighbours’ disruptions, you can use:

  • Noise meters, which allows keeping an eye on the sound level produced by the guests at any time. Admitting they are making noise above the allowed level, especially during the night, you will be able to operate quickly.
  • Smoke detectors, to make sure they don’t smoke inside the apartment.

To maintain a good relationship with the neighbours and keep them happy, you can give them a phone number at their disposal 24 hours and 7 days a week. It can be reassuring for them that someone is available to answer them at any time in case any problem happens with the guests.

Because of the new politics of Barcelona to reduce the negative consequences of tourism, losing your licence can happen quickly. So, be sure you are doing your best to maintain a positive relationship with your neighbours.

To learn more ways on how to prevent losing your licence, download our guide here.


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