9 Easy Steps to Great Communication with Guests

Communication with guests is vital whether it’s during the booking process, the check-in or right up until the guest leaves. Without communication, a lot could go wrong! It is essential to maintain good relationships and have effective communication with guests in order to make everything as smooth as possible.

9 easy steps to great communication with guests

Here at Stay U-nique we pride ourselves on having good relationships with our guests and a quick response time compared to others. We want our guests to know that we care about them. We always strive to improve our customer service and guest communication as well as maintain what we’ve already achieved.

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Before Check-in


The communication process starts with inquiries. This is anything the guests may not be clear on or any questions they may have regarding your property. You should try and be as responsive and helpful at this stage to set the tone and build a relationship. It’s also true that fast and effective answers equal more bookings. It is highly likely that guests contact more than one owner. So the quicker the response, the higher the booking rate.

Often the most frequent inquiry is people wanting to know what’s available and when. With dates in mind and some certain requirements they want the apartment to have. We do our best to find something that would best suit them and make their stay as perfect as possible. We know how stressful booking a holiday and finding an apartment can be. Therefore, we ask our guests exactly what they’re looking for and in what area and with this we can find them the best match, making each and every one of our guests feel unique and cared about.

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We think it’s extremely important to tell our guests a bit about us so they feel at ease knowing more about us and the service(s) we provide. It’s the same principle as us wanting to know a bit about our guests. We can tailor their stay to their needs/wants so they know what to expect when arriving at any of our apartments. If we meet the guests expectations it’s very likely that they will leave a good review and thus help increase revenue in the long run.

Uncommunicative guests:

If any guest is being uncommunicative, we always try our best to get in touch. Our team will always contact guests in any way possible, trough Airbnb chat, SMS messages, email or via phone. We never want to leave any guest in the dark about anything and vice versa. We never want to be in the dark when it comes to the guest’s arrival time etc. This means we can avoid as many problems as possible and can keep communication fluid.

However, we do not want to over-communicate with the guests we find to be uncommunicative. We adapt ourselves to each and every guest while making sure they still receive all the information needed.

Check-in arranged:

An important part of the communication process is arranging the check-in. Lack of communication around this stage can result in many problems. Arrival time is an important factor to collect. This means we can plan their check-in around this time to avoid the guests or agents waiting around for too long, meaning they can get on with their exploring and sightseeing.

During Check-in

Face to face meeting:

keysAfter check-in is arranged one of our agents is assigned to the check in to meet and greet the guests at the apartment. By doing this we are not just a person behind a screen but a friendly company wanting to welcome each individual guest to our city. This way we can also show the guests around the apartment, explain how anything works and tell them anything they need to know or keep in mind.

Activities / events:

ticketsConversation continues through suggesting events and activities that we think the guests would enjoy. By selling a wide range of tickets for events we will always find something for our guests, and make their lives easier at the same time.

Guests really appreciate local knowledge about where to eat, shop and sights to visit or simply the best ways to get around. Our team are more than happy to share our knowledge about the best tips and tricks for getting around and the best places to visit according to their likes and the group demographics.


We keep communication flowing is through questionnaires.  One questionnaire is sent after the guests’ first night. This allows us to assess their first night and gives the guests an opportunity to tell us if anything is wrong in the apartment. Instead of leaving this until the end of their stay, it means we can target any problems after their first night and sort it as quickly as possible. This avoids problems in the long run and shows that we care.

After check-in

The second questionnaire we send is after the guests have checked out. Guests can go into more depth here about their stay with us. We try to be as responsive as possible to sort out any issues the guests experienced as quickly as possible.

Check out:

During the checkout process communication is necessary as well. After agreeing on a time, it is vital to communicate to the guests your check out process as everyone has a different policy. This means there will be no misunderstanding when it comes to the guests checking out as these inconveniences could end the perfect trip on the wrong note, and therefore may spark some negative reviews.

Lost & found:

Contact doesn’t end when the guests leave and check out. On many occasions’ guests leave something valuable in the apartment. If we find anything important left behind, we will always communicate with the guests immediately to arrange a pick-up or sending of the item.

lost and foundSometimes it’s the guests that get in contact with us asking if we’ve found anything in the apartment and we’ll always do our best to find the item in question and arrange a way to get it back to them. Although most of the time this is at our expense, we are more than happy to provide this as we feel it shows we care.

It’s pretty obvious that communication with guests is a fundamental part of any process during a holiday. It’s not rocket science but many owners fail to meet the guests expectations on many occasions and this is partly due to a lack of communication.

You don’t have to have to most amazing apartment on the market. Guests like having someone available 24/7 to answer their questions, so if you master this it could go a long way to increasing your bookings and revenue.

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