What to Consider when Getting a Smart Lock?

Holiday rental companies are increasingly more fond of the implementation of new technologies within their apartments. Just as it has been previously covered in older articles, noise meters and smart appliances are only two of the many tools market leaders can provide you within your apartment. Current trends, however, now start including the use of smart locks.

What to consider when installing a smart lock in your Holiday Rental in Barcelona?

These devices ranging from all sorts of shapes and price points allow for a speedy and comfortable check-in process, among other benefits, for your rented apartment. Why would you want or even need a smart lock you may ask?

Easy: you won’t have to worry about your guests’ arrival times, you won’t have to worry about them giving back the keys; and most importantly, you’ll rest assured no guest will wake you up in the middle of the night begging for you to open them since they’ve been locked out with no keys.

On the guests’ side, advantages are notable too: most importantly, they will not require for anyone to open them up on check-in day, thus allowing for a stress-free arrival at the time of day (or night) of their choice.

One of our apartments in Eixample
One of our apartments in Eixample

Additionally, other benefits include a higher and more efficient integration with teams and providers, such as the cleaning and maintenance teams, by allowing them to come and go from our apartments, meeting with the guests’ needs at all times and under any circumstances, without them needing to have additional keys of any sort.

Plus, when delegating this installation to a well-known property management company, this one will make it easy for guests to learn how to use such modern locks by filming and sending out tutorials on how to enter those premises.

If all of this sounds good to you, then you might like to know how to install it. Fortunately, the process is simple and does not require much effort nor prerequisites. All you need, ideally, is a reliable Wi-Fi network and a door with a current lock on it. It is that simple!

The installation process itself, however, can get rather tricky, therefore we recommend you book an appointment with a trusted electrician and carpenter so that it can be properly connected to the electricity and intercom systems, and obtain a final flush finish that can go unnoticed!

When letting your apartment through market leaders, those will often be in charge of the whole process, while also sometimes even covering the costs.

What to Consider when Getting a Smart Lock?
Keymitt Smart Lock – © Keymitt

The smart lock market is, as expected from the technological era we are now living in 2020, really big and with a high deal of sorts to pick from. Some well-known choices include the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 with its Opener Combo, for €349, or the Keymitt Smart Lock at a price as low as €129. It is advised you pick according to which platforms you’d rather work with or which additional features you’d like your lock to offer. Avoid using Bluetooth smart locks.

All in all, we hope with this article we have convinced you that smart locks are the way to go to move forward and have given you the appropriate reasons to make the switch.

However, if what’s holding you back is not wanting to do all this on your own, we’ve got you covered: companies like ours offer full apartment management services, including the installation of smart locks, together with tons of other perks such as a revenue tracking and management systems, redecoration assistance and the listing of your apartment in all major platforms.

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