Passport Information

It is compulsory for all people, not just the name on the booking, staying in any kind of accommodation establishment in Catalonia to register with passport and full name, according to article 2 of order IRP/418/2010, of August 5th.

Why do we ask for your passport information?

We ask you to provide the information up front to make the check in process easier and quicker, and because it is important that we have the passport information an ALL guests registered on check in, regardless of whether you all arrive together, or in smaller groups.

If you do not wish to supply us with your passport information before arrival, it is therefore important that the first arriving have the details for guests, as we otherwise cannot check you in.

The form we are asking for your passport information in is secure, evidenced by the little padlock icon and the “https”, and it is therefore entirely safe for you to provide the information through it. We store your passport information for the purpose of sharing it with the local government only, and will not be used for any other purpose.