City Tax

The City Tax is a tax imposed on all people staying in any kind of holiday establishment in Catalonia. There are different tariffs depending on the type of accommodation, but for holiday apartment/vacational rentals the tariff is 2.48€ per night (2.25€ + tax of 10%).

The City Tax is not part of the rent, it is a tax by the Government of Catalonia.

The City Tax needs to be paid for every person staying, who is 17 or above, per night, up until the first 7 nights.

An example of this could be:

We have 4 people staying in an apartment for 7 nights.

4 * 7 * 2.48 = 69.44€

This group would then have to pay 69.44€ in addition to their rent on arrival.

The City Tax needs to be paid either in advance or on check in. If you wish to pay it in advance, please contact us via E-mail on or phone on (+34) 932 750 423


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