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Stay U-nique’s guarantee:

Higher income. Peace of mind. Best care for your guests and apartment.


 Winner of the World Travel Award for the Best Spanish Serviced Apartment Company in 2019.

Check how much Stay U-nique could earn you.

What you deserve

The Best Care For Your Property
Your apartment is our priority. From a full time maintenance team to a personal dedication to the well-being of the apartment.
Better Profitability
Your apartment deserves to reach its full potential through better revenue management and customers’ review.
Happy Neighbours
We focus on the neighbours as much as on the guests. Guest filters, house policies & noise meters help us making happy neighbours.
The Happiest Guests
We filter our guests and make sure to give them an unforgettable experience with a warm welcome and personalised service.
Owner Dashboard
Completely adjusted to your needs. With live notifications, all the statistics, information and booking updates.
Quality over quantity
We only accept to manage apartments that fit our quality standards to guarantee the best service to the owner we work for.
Miembros del check-in solidario con las Casal del Infants
World Travel Awards Winner
Empresa miembra de Apartur
We respect neighbours


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Considering to receive a fixed rent for your touristic apartment?

  • Fixed rent for better planning
  • Monthly rent agreed upon together
  • Limit seasonality risks
  • Stay U-nique invests in decoration

You want to keep your earnings close to the industry variation? Choose the variable rent option!

  • Enjoy the full potential of your touristic apartment
  • Work with yearly contract
  • Benefit from the year on year growth of the Holiday Rental industry in Barcelona
  • Best commission percentage

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The best care for your property

The best care for your property

We chose to adapt the guests to the apartments rather than adapting the apartment to the guests.

We follow an exhaustive check-out list after each stay & have staff in charge of caring for the apartments only.

We work with a maintenance company available 7 days a week for the greatest efficiency in order to avoid inconvenience for the guests.

Better Profit

Better Profit

Enhanced revenue management that can lead up to a 30% increase in revenue thanks to better occupation rate at better prices.

Daily and manual actualization of the prices depending on several factors, including events in Barcelona and holidays in target countries.

Consistent and quality service delivered to the guests for better reviews and higher average prices.


Happy Neighbours

Happy Neighbours

Noise meters are placed in all our apartment and a security company can intervene 24/7 to prevent noise disturbance for the neighbors.

We present ourselves to the neighbors, listen to their requests and become their principal contact regarding the apartment.

House rules can be changed in case they need to be adapted to the neighbors and building well-being.


Happy Guests

Happy Guests

Guests gave us 87% of five stars trip on Airbnb in Barcelona whereas the average for the rest of the city is only 65%.

Our guests are always welcomed with a tailored surprise whether they are a family, a group of friends, on a business trip, etc.

We make sure that we are aligned with our guests about the apartment and house policies, prior to their arrival.


Tailored Contract

Tailored Contract

If you are looking for a short-term contract or a trial period before committing to a long-term contract, it is possible.

Whether if you prefer fixed or variable rent, you chose the condition that best suit you and we adapt to it.

Together we create a tailored contract that can include revenue management, cleaning, laundry services, maintenance, etc.

Owner Dashboard

Owner Dashboard

Transparency is at the root of the trust relationship between the owners and Stay U-Nique.

Therefore, we created an interface that gives owners a complete access to all the information regarding their apartment.

Owners have access to a customizable dashboard which includes a calendar, the current monthly rent, information about the guests, live review, etc.

Our Team

Enrique Alcantara CEO
Enrique Alcantara
Owners Relationship Manager
Renata Hazieva
Owners Relationship Manager
Operations manager
Marta Rovira
Operations Manager
Marketing Manager
Clément Vallat
Business Development Manager
Development Manager
Josh Fradley
Development Manager
Excellence & Innovation Manager
Christian Sørensen
Excellence & Innovation Manager
Guest Satisfaction Manager
Andrea Fernandez
Guest Satisfaction Manager
HR Manager
Marie Godefroy-Martin
Human Resources Manager
Bitch Manager
Christine Lovell
Quality Control Manager


Where are we?
Carrer Tuset, 19, 3-5,
08006, Barcelona
Owners: +34 933 661 788
Guests: +34 932 750 423