The Ultimate Checklist for Targeting Families on Airbnb in Barcelona

If you are an owner on Airbnb, you probably already have had a bad experience with a disturbing group. That might have not happened if you had targeted families on different levels. You will find in this article how to attract families in your holiday rental!

The ultimate checklist for targeting families on Airbnb in Barcelona

Targeting families can be interesting as they usually care about their environment. Thus, they cause less damage, make less noise and don’t disturb the neighbours. This is useful as you want to have a good relationship with them, keep your touristic licence and your accommodation in a good state.

In addition to that, families generally have a bigger purchasing power and should, therefore, be willing to pay higher rent than groups of young people. To attract families, you need to have certain features in your accommodation. We have made a list of what should be needed here.

When you will have completed that list, be sure to promote it to potential Airbnb guests with the following tips!

Understand why a family would want to stay in accommodation like yours

Image: picture of a kitch in a holiday rental in BarcelonaOne of the reason families book an Airbnb is because it’s not as expensive as a hotel and they have the opportunity to save money on restaurants, act as if they were home.

Knowing this, you should adapt your accommodation with enough crockery and a dishwasher, remember they are on vacation and won’t enjoy spending time on doing the dishes.

Also, ticking the basic products on Airbnb is important. Otherwise, the family would have to buy dishwashing liquid, dishcloths,… You want them to feel as comfortable as they can be and providing basic supplies is a part of their comfort.

Having a washing machine could also be needed as long families usually stay for a few days.

Adapt your listing

Image: kid playing on a rug in a vacation apartment We have already described how to write a good Airbnb listing here, but if you want to attract more families, you want to have a lot of photos.

Parents like to be certain of what they are booking, for the safety of their children and to be reassured that they will spend quality time there.

You also want to show that your rooms are adapted to children with some toys or specific areas where they could play, in the garden for example.

Specifying some features that are interesting for families, such as in the check-list is also important, as they will know that you have identified their needs.

Pay attention to your reviews

Image: sagrada familia sunsetLike said before, parents don’t want any bad surprises, so having a lot of stars and good reviews is something you want to have

If you have received comments saying your accommodation is dirty or that you can hear noises, families will stay away from it because they will want to put aside any risk.

So giving the best service will automatically generate good reviews, which will make families come to your accommodation. Add to this all the tips given above and you are going to be able to have your desired guests!CTA - EN

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