7 Things you are not yet Doing to Improve Your Holiday Rental ManagementHoliday rental management alone can be difficult and very time consuming. The list of responsibilities is long, amongst others: taking care of the check-in and check-out, managing the prices, coordinating cleaning & maintenance… If you have decided to manage your apartment yourself, here is a list of tips that might be of interest to you in order to be more successful

7 tips to improve your holiday rental management

Create a trust relationship

This starts with how you market your property before the guests even arrive. So you have to make sure to have professional pictures of your apartment and a comprehensive description of it. However, you don’t want to make things look more beautiful than they actually are. And if your guests feel cheated, they won’t be afraid to reveal this in the reviews. Negative reviews are very off-putting for potential guests.

Once they have booked, fast communication and taking enough time with them during the check-in to answer their questions is important in creating a trust bond. This will lead to better reviews and the likelihood of repeat guests.

Invest in decoration and refurbishment

Apartment decoration in vacation propertyWhen you have your own property, it is a wise move to invest in decoration to have a good picture and offer guests a nice stay in your apartment. For example, they will appreciate an HD TV in the living room, walls that have been freshly repainted and an apartment of good overall quality.

Small touches that seem like details will differentiate your apartment from the competition and help increase your prices. For inspiration on the decoration, have a look at our dedicated articles: how to decorate your holiday rental to make it sell better and also how to decorate your touristic apartment for durability.

Turn your guests into loyal guests

There are two kinds of guests that you can receive: new ones and returning ones. Good pictures and excellent reviews will get you new guests, and giving them an excellent experience will create returning guests

You want to make sure to create loyal guests as it will increase the demand for your apartment and, in return, increase your revenues. So giving updates, offering them discounts on low season and fostering word of mouth, are simple actions that will increase your occupation rate. The other upside is that you know that you can trust these guests and that they won’t be a source of problems during their stay.

Stand out from the competition

Unique decoration in a holiday rentalChances are that you advertise your property on one or several booking platforms. How do you make sure that potential guests will click on your listing? There is no secret formula, but a good place to start is to invest in professional pictures of your apartment. A listing that not only describes the apartment, but that also targets your ideal guests. Finally, a price that is appropriate for the size of the apartment, its location, and the reviews. If you want more information then have a look at our blog on how to improve your Airbnb listing.

Still have no reviews? Then we advise setting lower prices than what your apartment is worth for the first couple of months.  And to get more bookings, give your guests a sense of excellent price/quality ratio which should translate in great reviews.

Have all necessary equipment

To make your guests happy, they have to thoroughly enjoy their stay in your apartment. It might seem like details, but providing knives that do not cut, not having enough glasses, or a simple toilet brush will undoubtedly deteriorate your guests’ stay in your apartment. If you would like a full read on what will make the difference in your apartment, check our article on how to make your apartment better than 99% of the competition.

Choose the right booking platform

The realm of Online Travel Agencies. Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, Homeaway, and dozens more will be the booking platforms that attract thousands if not millions of potential guests for your rental. Which platform to choose? What factors to consider? They all have their specificities, however, one thing is for certain, the days of advertising properties in the newspapers are over. 

To have an extensive comparison of the different booking platforms and help you decide which is the best for you, click the picture below: Perfect Booking Channel

Work with the right service providers

Whether it is laundry companies, cleaning companies or an efficient maintenance team, with time it becomes obvious that to provide excellent customer service, one person or company can not take care of everything. Therefore, it will be important to choose the right companies to work with to keep your apartment up to your guests’ standards.

You might even want to take a break from managing your holiday rental to go on vacation. In this case, management companies can help you with your apartment and should adapt their commission according to the services that you need (check-ins and outs, coordination of the cleaning and laundry, or selling through OTA for the month to come).

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