HUTB: How to Avoid Paying a €30,000 Fine in Barcelona

Since the law regarding tourism came into place in Spain, it is now mandatory for holiday rental owners to register all of their guests with the police within 24 hours of their arrival otherwise they must pay a fine as a penalty.

HUTB: How to avoid paying a €30,000 fine in Barcelona

If you have any kind of lodging for tourists in Barcelona – be it a hotel, pension, B&B, casa rural, rental-home, or caravan/camping site; by law, you have to register guest information with the Mossos d’Esquadra within 24 hours of their arrival, and there is a fine for non-compliance, learn more in our Guide for the Mossos d’Esquadra Report.

Mossos d'Esquadra en BarcelonaThe guest information required by law are:

  • Guest name
  • Guest’s address
  • Guest’s passport number
  • Passport issue date
  • Guest’s date of birth
  • Length of stay

If you are already renting and not complying with any of the above, you may want to re-evaluate your position. One of the reasons that the new category was introduced is to try to regulate the private rental sector and to root out the illegals with potential fines of €30,000 or more for those that do not comply. Also, the law states that owners and agents are “jointly and severally liable for breaches of obligations”. So no passing the buck to your agent or vice versa.

You can also read the Law for yourself here at Articles 66 -72: Decree 159/2012 Homes for Tourist Use.


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