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happy guests & GREAT reviews

When renting a holiday apartment, the guests’ experience really matters. The guests will only be satisfied when their experience has reached their expectation.

At Stay U-nique our daily and main preoccupation is to be sure that our guests are fully satisfied. 95% of our reviews are positive ones! Let’s see how we manage to keep our guests satisfied and to exceed their expectations.

Creating the right guests’ expectations

Managing the expectations of guests will determine the quality of the reviews you will receive, therefore the attention given to the description and pictures on the listing is crucial. 

The apartment has to be attractive enough so that guests book it, but at the same time, we must not create unreachable expectations with pictures that look better than reality for example. 

On the other hand, it is important not to undersell the apartment in order to reach maximum rentability. We have become experts in finding the right balance to sell the apartments at their best value while keeping extremely satisfied guests.

Communication and Kindness

Guests do not only rate the apartment but they rate their overall experience.
Since they only know us in Barcelona it is important for us to be the reliable and trustworthy point of contact that they need.   

Clear communication is absolutely necessary to reassure a guest’s arrival and stay. First of all, we make sure to inform our guests about the meeting point and fix a specific hour for the check-in and check-out.

For us, check-in is much more than a key exchange. Traveling to a new city is always stressful, so receiving a warm welcome from a local speaking the guest’s language and who gives clear answers & recommendations makes a difference for our guests.

We dedicate all our efforts towards guests satisfaction

Bonus to exceed expectations

We take a few extra steps to exceed our guests’ expectations and secure a nice review after they leave our apartment.

  • We always offer our guests a welcome basket with some local snacks and drinks that we adapt to each seasonal holiday. 
  • Our guests always find a personalized handwritten note to welcome them. A small act of kindness that shows that we care about them.
  • When we leave our guests after the check-in we are confident that they don’t have any unanswered questions, and that they know that we are available 24/7 for them.

Make the most of an apartment

Having a nice, large and well-equipped apartment is the starting point of attracting guests. But we like to go further to make sure our apartments outshine the others.

  • Small ongoing minor maintenance tasks, high-quality household linens, in-depth cleaning of apartments, etc. makes a huge difference for the guests. 
  • A complete renovation can be expensive but we have many ways to modernize and brighten apartments with a small budget. 
  • In many cases, we can cover the initial redecoration investment.

Why should owners care about the guests’ experience?

Superhosts or apartments with the best grades on have higher prices & better occupancy rates than average apartments. Due to the positive online word-of-mouth and because booking platforms give more visibility to their best listings

Outstanding guests’ experience fuel long term growth of the revenue generated of the apartments that we manage. This is because we decided to take the necessary steps to differentiate ourselves from the competition, by providing the best possible service.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. (Forbes)

Are your guests happy? 

We understood very clearly that providing some extra services to our guests helped us create a virtuous circle. The service provided is better, we get better reviews than the competition and we are able to sell at higher prices without failing to meet our guests’ expectations.

This also benefits the property owners’ we work for as they get higher returns.

Would you like to know how much we would expect to sell your apartment for? Then don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the following form.

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