What do we do?

In a nutshell, we are an apartment management company, meaning we manage tourist apartments on behalf of owners. We manage everything from pricing and availability to taking care of the apartments, guests, owners and neighbours. We aim to provide a unique service to everyone that we come in contact with, by understanding their needs and wants and then trying to exceed them.


Want to join the Stay U-nique family?
Our open internship positions:

Human Resources Internship
Digital Marketing Internship
Customer Service Internship
Guest experience – Reservations internship

Our open permanent position:

Guest experience – Reservations
Glover Full time position

Academic Value

As a young and inspired team who are mostly fresh out of University ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring that an internship enhances your academic profile. We will help you to ensure that your internship is as beneficial to your degree as possible, adapting your tasks and responsibilities to suit you.

We can help you to brain storm assignments, provide any company related information needed to complete them and a space where you can sit in your free time to work if you find it hard to work from home.

What We Believe In

There is no denying that we are a strange bunch, like any other family we are a mix of different personalities and characters, but we think it’s what makes us special. We go above and beyond for every single guest, and aim to exceed their expectations. We care for our staff, we care for our guests, we care for our neighbours and owners of our apartments. We have a passion for caring…  you could say. We believe in teamwork and helping one another in order to achieve great results.

  • We believe in the opportunity to grow everyday through responsibility and empowerment.
  • We believe in a cheerful working environment where everyone enjoys every minute of being there
  • We believe in trying 99 times before making it work

And now, what do you believe in?