8 Essential Questions you Should Ask Yourself about Your Maintenance Company

Looking for a trustworthy maintenance company for your holiday rental seems like a lot of work. You probably don’t want to be overspending, nor do you want them to do a quick fix up that ends up breaking again the next day or week. If you are in the business of renting out touristic apartments, you also want a maintenance team that you can trust around clients. That’s why we made this list with things to take into consideration when deciding on a maintenance company.

8 essential questions you should ask yourself about your maintenance company for your holiday rental in Barcelona

Can they do the job?

Can they do the job?As you might encounter a multitude of different tasks, they all might require a different kind of skill set. So, the first question you have to ask yourself when determining if you have found the best maintenance company is: Can they handle all the jobs that my apartment needs?

It’s probably obvious that you don’t have to hire specialists in swimming pools if your property doesn’t have any. For other tasks, however, even if the difference in expertise might not seem sufficient to you, it can make a big difference in the kind specialist it requires.

Do they take the work seriously?

Sometimes you want to have a problem fixed quickly. Especially when you rent out a touristic apartment. A small problem can ruin their stay and they won’t recommend you to anybody else.

You don’t want them to only do quick fixes because you probably don’t want to encounter the same problem over and over again. Although sometimes this means the repair takes longer, you are not going to run into the same problem again soon.

These are decisions that you want your maintenance company to make. Are they able to decide what needs to be done to give the best service?

Another thing when it comes down to taking their work seriously is that you don’t want repairmen to destroy the interior of the property in the process of repairing something. They might ruin the carpet, the paint job or even worse. You want your guests to stay in the charming apartment they booked from the pictures, right?

Do they understand the urgency of some tasks?

timeYour maintenance company is an important part of your customer experience. As mentioned before, a problem that seems small might be a big issue for your guests. If they do feel this way, the task may be urgent. You want your guest to have the best customer experience they can get. The right maintenance company cares as much about your guests as you do.

What are their hours of operations?

Although this also has to do with urgency, it is an important question to ask yourself. Some contractors might only be able to work for you in the mornings. This means that when you find a problem later than that, they are not able to fix it. The perfect match for a maintenance company should match with your service hours. You don’t want to be waiting another day for a much-needed repair.

Do you trust them?

trustAn important matter, especially when renting out touristic apartments. Some guest may not want to be waiting around during their trip for an important repair. You have to ask yourself: Can I trust this person around the belongings of my guests?

You can’t build this trust from your first meeting, therefore this step takes some time. When it comes down to building trust, it is also about training the maintenance teams. Give them insights about your company, be in constant contact with them and make them feel like they are part of your team. Training them about your customer service makes them more aware of it.

If you want to speed up the process ask your friends, acquaintances or other property owners which contractors they use. They might already have contractors they trust, so trusting them won’t be as hard.

Do they embrace technology?

appsIf you own several properties or if you aren’t doing all the work by yourself, you are probably using an app or software to maintain the continual preservation of your apartment(s). You want your contractors to be comfortable using these same apps. It makes it easier to be on top of things, as you can track what repair jobs still have to be done. 

If they are not comfortable with using all the apps you use to do the tracking, it is not that important. Just like everybody they need training. This is also a good opportunity to build trust. However, if the maintenance company is not willing to adapt to your information system, they may not be the best fit for your company.

This isn’t only important for tracking repairs, you also don’t want to put too much time into communicating what needs to be done. If you have an app where you can insert all the information about the issue, it makes life so much easier as you don’t have to be calling them all the time to explain the problems.

What does it cost?

When considering hiring contractors, you have to consider what it will cost you. Neither the cheapest nor the most expensive option will necessarily be the best. Take all the above steps in consideration.

You don’t want to employ someone who always want to replace broken items, nor do you want a contractor who’s always in for a quick fix. Try to think what is the best fit for the buck. Which contractors fits your needs and budget the best?

Do you have the time to worry about all of this?

network of contractersHave you thought about hiring a property management company? Most of the above steps might take a lot of time and effort. A good network of contractors isn’t built overnight. A property management company can help you with this. They must have a trustworthy network of contractors which is hard to duplicate as an individual property owner. They will help you oversee all the maintenance projects and find the best contractor for the best price so you don’t have to.

If you want to learn more about how to organize a maintenance team, we made a PDF explaining the different types of skills needed and how to prioritise tasks which you can download here.


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