5 Ways to Make your Holiday Rental Homely for your Guests

People want to feel as comfortable as possible on holiday – they do not want to worry about what extra things they may need to buy while on holiday. That’s why it is important to provide as many amenities and utilities as possible, while being organised, to ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay. It is nice to make them feel like they are at home. 

Here are 5 ways to make your holiday rental feel like a home!

1. Name Brand Linen

BedroomProviding name brand linen such as towels, bed linen etc., can enhance the experience that your guests have while in your apartment. The last thing a guest wants is to go to sleep in an uncomfortable bed after a long busy day.

Try to provide the best towels within your budget as better towels last a lot longer while also meeting your guests’ needs. Towels are usually an afterthought and, despite it only being a small detail, your guests will appreciate the comfortable towels as much as having a comfortable bed.

You can also provide two towels per guest at your apartment. By having two sets of towels, it allows you to cater for your guests who are staying for longer; while also being practical as you will be able to set up for your next guest a lot quicker.

It is recommended to have a spare set of linens in the apartment in case of wear and tear or damage.

2. Washing Machine & Dishwasher Tablets 

Most guests have to use the apartments’ appliances at some point during their stay to wash their clothes or dishes. However, to optimise the user experience, it is important to ensure that by the time it happens everything is ready for the guests.

By providing tablets for the washing machine and dishwasher in your apartment helps to make every stay as stress-free as possible. It will also help with maintaining the quality of your linens as guests will be able to wash them for themselves if needed.

 3. A Good Coffee Machine

Coffee machineYou do not necessarily have to be a coffee drinker to appreciate a good coffee machine. By including one in your apartment rental, it will leave a good impression for all of your guests.

For the coffee drinkers, they will be able to have a cup of coffee at the press of a button. They will usually start their day with a cup of coffee; it helps them get through the day. It is an integral part of their life – they will appreciate making a cup of coffee whenever they want it.

4. Shampoo and Conditioner


On the first night at an apartment, most guests will want to have a shower; therefore, a nice detail to have is to include shampoo and conditioner in your apartment rental. This will certainly be beneficial for guests who travelled with only hand luggage, or guests who are staying for a couple of nights as it is most likely they would have not brought their wash products.

By doing this, guests will not have to worry about buying their products before they can shower. They will be able to feel like they are at home.

5. A Nice Welcome Surprise

Welcome mat

When a guest arrives at your apartment – whether it is an auto check-in or if you are checking them in – it is important to make sure that they feel welcomed at your apartment. One way you could do this is by doing a welcome basket with a bottle of wine with a welcome note; little things like this will provide a nice start to their stay.

On top of this, you could provide a booklet which informs them of the local area around the apartment like shops, restaurants, public transport, pharmacies etc. By doing this, guests will feel more informed and therefore more comfortable as they will know where they can go to buy things – alleviating some stress/worries that they could have during their stay at your apartment.

While it may seem quite a bit of effort to provide these items in your vacation rental, it will certainly benefit you in the long-term. It can lead to better reviews, longer stays and have an indirect effect on your earnings from the apartment.

This is why at Stay U-nique we try to ensure all of the apartments that we manage, include a variety of amenities and utilities. It allows guests to have a stress-free experience as they will not have to buy anything for the apartment during their stay. At the end of the day, it will lead to very happy guests!


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