Guest Happiness: How to Put a Smile on your Guests' Faces
The most important part of the rental business is happy guests. So, what do managers of holiday rental do to guarantee that their guests will have a great time? Or even better coming back? Also, happy guests mean great reviews and as a consequence more bookings at better prices. So, there are many things you have to consider while hosting someone to make their stay unforgettable. Here you will find the top 5 things you need to consider to put a smile on your guests‘ faces.

How to make guests happy?

1. Great Communication

Great communication always leads to success. So, make sure your guests are always up to date and got all the information they need like check-in and check-out regulations and all the facts about the apartment.

2. Well-equipped Apartment

Imagine being on holiday, you arrive at the apartment and want to cook a nice dinner for your family or friends. One of the first things you do is grocery shopping. But would you even consider to buy things like salt and pepper? No, most people just buy what they want to eat. So, it is nice to offer some extras; like spices, olive oil and a few coffee pods, if necessary even water filters.

Fully-equipped Kitchen

In addition, you should also offer soap, shampoo and conditioner to make sure your guests have all the appliances they need and make your guests feel comfortable.

To make sure your apartment is fully equipped, take a look at our Essential Inventory Checklist.

3. Decoration

What you see affects your feelings. So, it is not necessary to have the most modern apartment. More important is what you make out of it. If the apartment looks clean but does not have any decoration, the place does not seem to be comfy.

You should put pictures on the walls, some books on the shelves or even better some plants since the green colour symbolizes freshness, regeneration and harmony. Just think of anything that makes you feel at home. But please note, quality should be over quantity!

Decoration of touristic apartments in Barcelona
Decoration in one of our apartments

4. Going the Extra Mile

For an outstanding service level, you as a manager of a holiday rental should consider an extra service to stand out from the crowd. So what can you do to make your guests‘ stay even more impressive? You could prepare something nice like a welcome drink or treats to give your guests a warm welcome. To make it more individual, you could even write them a note on a postcard of sunny Barcelona!

5. Outstanding Check-ins

It is really important to take enough time for the check-in because first impressions count! You should explain everything clearly and without rushing, but make sure it does not take too long. Be prepared for questions and give them the feeling that they can always ask you whenever they have an issue. You can also give them some tips about your favourite spots in the city since everyone appreciates it. This way you are also going the extra mile!

So, are you sure that you have happy guests and that you are getting the most out of your touristic apartments? Click here to get a revenue forecast and see how much you could make with us.


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