7 Essential Decoration Details Every Good Apartment in Barcelona Has

When decorating a holiday rental, there are various things to take into consideration. A lot of people prefer a holiday apartment over a hotel. Mostly because they find it gives them a better holiday experience. You want to make sure you give your guests that experience. Most of all you want to decorate your holiday rental to sell itself. But how can you do that? Well, there are a couple of things to take into consideration.

7 essential decoration details every good apartment in Barcelona has 


A big advantage of apartments is the comfort, most of the times an apartment is a bit bigger than a hotel room and you have the opportunity to offer them the same amount of comfort that they have at home. But is that enough? Use decoration and furniture to make the stay even better and more comfortable than their own homes.

There are a couple of items that can add to the homely feel. Make seating more comfortable by adding a couple of pillows, keep some card or board games in the apartment for rainy days and leave some books you already read

Another thing to consider when thinking about comfort is to make the most out of storage space. Guest don’t want to live out of their suitcase. Offering enough storage space contributes to the ideal homely feel.

Know your ideal guest

Know your ideal guestWhat is your ideal guest? A young couple, a group of friends or a family? They are all looking for something different in an apartment. Make sure you accommodate to them. When searching for an apartment, people tend to choose an apartment that fits their personality. As everybody is different it is difficult to cater to everybody. A young couple might be looking for a romantic getaway while a family of five is looking for an apartment with enough space for their children to play. By trying to get inside the head of your ideal guest, you get a better sense of what kind of decoration they prefer.

When your target audience is families, you should also consider safety. Especially when the children are still young, parents will look for a safe environment for their children to play and live in. You can also consider having a corner or another space in the apartment dedicated to the children themselves. What you can do is decorate a corner with a small table for the children to draw on or incorporate some games. Parents will appreciate this. We’ve made a Family-Friendly Check-List so you can make sure that your apartment has everything that families may need.

Make a statement

statement decorationAnother step in the holiday experience is sleeping in an accommodation that isn’t bland but has a bit of character. Try to incorporate some of that character into the apartment but don’t take it too far. Statement pieces are a good way to stand out from all the other apartments. Be careful: one or two statement pieces are enough. Otherwise, your apartment will look a bit cramped.

Reflect the destination

Styling your apartment as if it would be a hunter’s paradise makes perfect sense in rural Norway, however, it might not be an appealing idea for Barcelona. When deciding on an apartment people want it to reflect their destination, because they want to have a unique experience. Just give it a bit of a local flair but don’t overdo it and keep it stylish.

The higher the price, the higher standard expected

When the price is on the higher end, people also expect a more luxurious stay. You won’t get away that easy with cheaper furniture. But also think about the smaller details, like the fabrics for the bed linen. Give the apartment a bit more panache with statement pieces that breathe luxury.


decorationPictures might be at the end of the list, this doesn’t mean it is less important. They make a world of difference in the decision process of your guests. Good quality pictures don’t only make your apartment look better and cleaner, it shows that you care about the apartment and eventually also reflects customer service.

Customer feedback is your friendCustomer feedback is your friend

Who knows better about the customer experience than the guest itself. Use their feedback to decorate the apartment to the needs of the traveller.

Not sure what furniture and appliances are needed in your apartment? Don’t worry! Download our Essential Inventory Checklist and your guest will have everything they need.

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