How to Decorate or Renovate your Touristic Apartment while being SustainableIf you are interested in becoming a more sustainable holiday property owner and also planning to renovate or re-decorate your apartment any time soon. Here you will find some great ideas on how you can decorate or renovate your apartment and still be able to be eco-friendly.

Sustainable ideas to decorate or renovate your holiday rental apartment

Let’s start with some ideas of how to renovate your apartment and keep supporting the green movement for a greener world and a better future as well as keeping your holiday rental apartment looking great!

Renovation Ideas

Eco-friendly paint

Using eco friendly paints in your HUTB apartment

If you want a change of colour on your holiday apartment walls, you have plenty of eco-friendly options to paint with, by using low or no VOC paints. This paint is made without chemical ingredients that evaporate into the atmosphere when the paint is drying. They perform as well as conventional paint, with a great range of colours, coverage and durability, plus no harmful added solvents. There are plenty of options that you can find in Barcelona.

LED Lighting

led lights to reduce home electricity consumption

LED lighting has become an excellent solution for residential and commercial properties. They not only are extremely energy-efficient, but they are also brighter, emit less heat and last longer in comparison with traditional lighting options. It is an environmentally friendly lighting option, which is a step towards a greener future.

Solar Panels

Solar panel in tourism

One of the most important objectives for sustainable homes is to create sustainability through energy consumption, like having a way of generating renewable energy, such as wind or solar energy. In case this cannot be possible for different reasons, there are other eco-friendly ways, which rely on commercially distributed electricity or redesigning the apartment in a way that unnecessary energy consumption is reduced.

Decoration Ideas

Sustainable Decorating is all about making the right choices so that you can ensure that there are fair trades and ethical processes in place around the products you are using on your home design and it’s decoration.

Here are some ways you can start applying a sustainable decoration in your holiday rental apartment:

Natural lighting

disposition of a vacation rental with a view in Barcelona

Natural lighting comes usually through the windows around the house, you can have better use of this light by having the mirrors positioned to best utilise the natural light as the light will bounce around the room by reflecting on the mirrors located around the apartment.

Recycled items

Christmas light catalonia

Using recycled glass jars as wine bottles, are great for decorating, you can reuse them by giving them a different touch, you can paint them, add Christmas lights inside of the bottles, put some candles inside with some coloured sand or stones and put it on a shelf on a table or hang it as a lamp, also you can use them as a flower vase to give a kind touch to your apartment.

This will save you money and will help you decorate your home with a sustainable, eco-friendly approach and elegant touch.

A great option is also buying second-hand furniture at flea markets or at a second-hand store, which can help reduce overconsumption and reduce the massive production of furniture which is a waste of materials.

Recycled furniture in touristic apartment

You can also make use of fruit boxes (wooden), you can use them to create a great shelf for books, plants, boxes or other decorative objects. They can also be used to design a coffee table.

Vinyl record that you no longer listen to or you don’t have the device to play it with, can be used as a decorative object around the apartment. Wherever you decide to place them, will turn heads when your guests arrive.

Every small detail that you add to your apartment makes a difference in the world even if it doesn’t feel like, but as you can see there are easy and cheap ways of helping the world become more sustainable and eco-friendly. This also reacts as social reciprocity, which is the back-and-forth of social interaction. The term reciprocity refers to how the behaviour of one person influences and is influenced by the behaviour of another person and vice versa. Which means, if your guest starts noticing this eco-friendly nice details at your property, they might also respect this in your apartment, and this is how a small change becomes a great impact.


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