How to Keep in Contact with the Guests when Doing Auto Check-ins

Keeping good communication with guests is crucial and as important as the service provided. Having bad communication can lead to a bad experience, having good communication can lead to satisfaction, recommendation, fidelity, and a unique experience.



What is an Auto Check-in?

When a guest arrives in Barcelona and will check-in into their holiday rental apartment from Stay U-nique, they do not need to wait for a key from an agent to meet them and give it to them. They are easily able to check themselves into the apartment through a simple link that we will provide them, so they are able to open both front and apartment doors.




How do we manage it?

We provide our guests with tools to create a smooth and clean auto check-in, making it as easy and understandable as possible.

We will keep track of their check-in through our chat system with our guests, provide them with a link with detailed videos on how to enter and use all the appliances in the apartment in case of needing it. These videos are tailored for each apartment, since the appliances’ brands may vary, making every video more focused on each apartment. In the videos, we teach our guests how they can use all of the appliances in the correct way, as in how to use our smart locks before then even arrive in Barcelona, so they do not have any problems during their auto check-in.


Keeping in contact with our guests


“Self service doesn’t mean lack of service”


Apartment Highlight

Our main focus is to answer our guests’ needs and to meet their expectations. This way we can contribute more effort into improving their experience and comfort in our apartments, to increase our customers’ satisfaction with their stay in general.

Travellers can have the freedom to choose the time they check-in at their convenience. They can avoid long waits or take advantage of late check-in flexibility.

By keeping continuous track our guests we keep track of their satisfaction level with our service from the moment they check-in to the moment they check-out. Keeping in contact with our first night review, which is a small survey to rank their first night at the apartment, so we can understand if they have had a smooth check-in, and nice sleep or any problems with the apartment or any other issue we can help them with. We are always available for our guests, 24/7 in case of emergency or if they need something to be fixed in the apartment, or even for recommendations to enjoy around the city of Barcelona.

Our overall review and comments or suggestions from our guests, helps us improve every time, to provide a better experience for our future guests. To create a better experience, at our welcome we add a personal touch by writing welcome cards and offering a bottle of wine to every guest, so they feel a warm welcome, like at home.

We keep contact with our guests through all our different platforms, that we have built by ourselves so that it may have everything that we need to satisfy our guests. We will speak to every one of our guests, making them feel unique and special with us. Our agents, who manage different languages, make this possible. Making it easier and more understandable to communicate with us. We adapt to whatever means of communication our guests prefer to use, like WhatsApp, email, Airbnb chat or text messages.


Barcelona unique experience

Keeping in contact with our guests even when we have a new system for auto check-ins, is part of providing a great service and a unique stay from us to every one of our lovely guests.

Would you like us to manage your holiday rental apartment in Barcelona and start giving your guests a unique experience during their stay in the city?




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