12 Amenities your Holiday Rental in Barcelona NeedsIf you want to be successful in renting out a holiday rental to travellers, you need to offer them the right things. According to a consumer survey commissioned by Airbnb, U.S. travellers say amenities are the first thing they look when they book accommodation!

12 amenities your holiday rental in Barcelona needs

There are two categories of amenities the basic ones and the ones that put your property in the top list. Guests love unique elements and they appreciate the little touches but first, certain amenities are critical to any enjoyable vacation.

Here is a list of the most important things a host should provide to their guests!

1. Wifi – Initial cost €79, Upkeep €30 – €60 per month

Everyone wants to stay connected no matter where they are, so this goes without saying as the first and most important basic amenity!

2. TV – Initial cost €20 – €40, Upkeep ~ €20 per month

Netflix TV amenities

Most of the times when people travel, they want to combine relaxation with activities so a TV with cable comes as one of the ways they can rewind after an exhausting day. Families with children highly appreciate the TV!

If you want to go extra and make them feel like at home you can provide access to premium cable channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on.

3. Air conditioning – Initial cost €2,500 – €4,000, Upkeep ~ €60 per month

According to the Airbnb survey, 59% of U.S. travellers listed air conditioning as the most important indoor amenity even over wifi! In order to have a successful Airbnb, it is important that you provide good air conditioning – no one wants to struggle falling asleep or waking up because of the heat outside (which is common during the summer season in Barcelona) so this one goes on the list for sure!

4. Laundry machine – Initial cost €500 – €2,000, no upkeep cost

To travel light is a plus when going somewhere for a couple of days, that is why a washing machine is a must for the guests. Providing a washing machine means that they can freely go and have a day at the beach and not worry if they will have enough clothes to wear until the end of their vacation.

5. Equipped kitchen – Initial cost €200 for the equipment

Being able to cook a meal in your rented apartment is definitely something that guests should be able to do! Offering the guests everything needed like pots, plates, pans etc. will make them appreciate not staying in a hotel.

Kitchen top amenity Barcelona

6. Basic toiletries and hairdryer – Initial cost €150

It is good providing them – not everyone will use them but if they are needed guests will be happy to find out that they don’t have to buy a whole bottle of shampoo for just a couple of days!

Those are all the basic amenities that a good rental should have!

However, if you want to deliver the best service and make sure your apartment stays booked all the time, the following list of amenities are the ones that will make a stay unforgettable and provide the “wow” factor.

Keep in mind that some of these amenities cannot be added to an apartment, so if you are considering investing in a holiday rental, you should be looking for one that already has all or some of these. Of course, the price will be higher, but it also means a higher return on investment in the long run.

1. Pool – Upkeep cost € 200 per month

PoolAccording to Airbnb, a pool is the top-rated amenity globally! Of course, this depends on the building but it is good to have in mind when buying a place. It adds value to the property when renting it out so it is worth investing in!

2. Hot tub – Initial cost €3,000 – €10,000, Upkeep cost ~ €50

A hot tub is a perfect way for the guest to unwind. It is a big expense but it will pay for itself. Investing in a hot tub is a great way to add a touch of luxury and increase the price of your rental. It will be appreciated by couples who book for their stay since is a perfect feature for a romantic evening!

3. Balcony

A balcony is a great feature for every apartment! It is a way for the guests to enjoy the city views and the fresh air without leaving the rental. Also if it is big enough guests can have dinner outside enjoying beautiful Barcelona which will make their stay more memorable!

View from Balcony4. Free parking spot – the cost varies

If guests are travelling by car they are going to search for a property that provides a parking spot. This amenity is the most searched for after the pool so a parking spot is a feature that puts your rental one level up.

Dog amenity host Barcelona apartment

5. Pet friendly – no cost, Upkeep cost – cleaning tax

The third highest feature according to the Airbnb survey following a pool and a parking spot is a pet-friendly rental. Most of the time people who own an animal want to travel with them. Here it comes as a plus if your rental is pet-friendly – it adds almost no cost for the owner but guests value it a lot.

6. Being a great host

Guests love personal attitude – a basket full of food, wine and personal recommendations for their stay. All these little things add a lot to their stay and make it unforgettable. That is why Stay U-nique makes sure all of this and more is always provided for the guests!

host Stay Unique apartment food

It is difficult and almost impossible for one property to have it all, we know that and that is why we offer to make your rental the best it can be!

We strive to make the apartment we manage as unique as possible as we work with a designer who takes care of all the small details that turn a holiday rental into a second home for the guests. On top of all the apartment’s basic necessities and the unique touches that we make for the apartment to stand from the competition, we also add the hospitality and care about your guests!

host Stay Unique apartment guests

Stay U-nique can help turn your property in the best version it can be and ensure you are getting the best possible rental income.

For a complete list of the amenities that you should have in your holiday rental apartment, download our Essential Inventory Checklist.

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