9 Reasons Why Your Airbnb Listing Sucks

Do you have an apartment and want to receive the best tips for Airbnb? This is a tailor-made article especially for you.

Everyone knows Airbnb; it is a company that speaks for itself. The popularity of Airbnb created competition between the different owners to rent their apartments and the Stay U-nique team are here to give you the 9 best tips on how to make the best use of the platform and to reach the highest rental activity. 



9 reasons why your Airbnb listing sucks!


1. You don’t have an attractive advertisement 

With the increasing number of apartments, it is important to have an attractive title.

To improve your title and description, you can use some positive adjectives in your title like “Comfy apartment near [famous place]”. The title is the second thing the guest sees after the thumbnail picture. This is also what the guest will write in the search bar to find your property.

Next, you must have a good listing which represents the features of your apartment(s). A good listing helps the guest gather a lot of information on the apartment such as description, number of beds, district, etc.


2. You don’t have high-quality pictures 

Photos are very important in your advertisement on Airbnb. They represent the apartment and allows guests to visualise themselves in your establishment. On average, 15 to 20 photos are recommended to show all the rooms of the property.

Uploading a lot of photos is a good thing, but uploading a lot of great photos is even better. To take a great picture, we have some valuable tips for you:


  • High-quality photos. (No pixelations).
  • Good lighting. It is recommended to take pictures during the ‘golden hours’.
  • Clean the apartment before the photoshoot.
  • Shoot the building or the house with an outside view.
  • Show the best photo as the first. This photo aims to catch the eye of the audience.
  • Show the facilities in the property.

With these tips, your pictures will be perfect!

For more tips on how to get the perfect pictures for your listings, download our guide here.


3. You don’t have an attractive profile 

Airbnb works with a rate ranking and you can easily obtain a good mark. We will see in the next points how to get better reviews.

First of all, you must complete your profile. This point is really important to reassure guests. You can link Airbnb to Facebook, your phone number or your Google Account. It allows you to have different options in the box “Verified info”, this side of the profile is essential for your advertisement.

To go one step further, you must also send one of your identity documents and add a profile picture. Airbnb accepts driving licences, passports, national identity cards, visas etc. but, does not accept library or gym cards, for example. By doing this the ‘verified’ icon will appear under your description. Once again, having this label will reassure potential guests on the fact that you are a real owner and not a potential fake account.


Example of an attractive profile
Example of an attractive profile

Then, there is the Superhost status. It is for experienced hosts who satisfy some conditions. To become a Superhost, you must have:


Airbnb Superhost


  1. At least 10 guests per year
  2. Answer rate of more 90%
  3. Have 5 stars at least 80% of commentaries
  4. Do not cancel confirmed bookings
  5. At least 50% of your guests leave a review

This status is hard to acquire but it is a real pledge of confidence.


4. You don’t use the guest reviews

This is an important point because the reviews are a subjective opinion of guests. When potential guests are looking for an apartment, they will carefully look at the reviews of the property. It often includes their personal experience, what went wrong and what they loved.

If they are bad, guests will hesitate and look for better options than your apartment. However, if they are good, they won’t think twice about booking your apartment.

To have valuable comments, you must be honest with your guests to not disappoint them. After all, it’s often the unhappy guests who post comments. We advise you to ask your guests how their trip was and ask them for a comment if they had a great time.

When receiving a negative comment, you should consider it as a chance to improve your apartment. Don’t forget to thank the guest for the honest feedback and explain that you will take actions to improve what didn’t meet the guests’ expectations.


5. You have the wrong price

To choose your price; you can adapt it to the function of competitors with the same offer. It’s a great way to know the market price and adapt it with your accommodation and services.

If you sell your apartment for a higher price than the market’s value, the guests’ expectations will probably be much higher for your apartment. This means that on the short run you will get higher revenues, but you are also more likely to have negative reviews as the apartment won’t meet higher standard’s quality. Remember, your price should always reflect the services the guests will receive.

It’s also good to adapt your price according to the season or events in the city. If a big event takes place around your apartment like a famous concert, a football game you can boost your price.

Then, when you post an announcement on Airbnb, you must consider whether you want to include cleaning fees in your price. If you do so, your nightly rate will increase and you will lose in exposure for people using prices as a filter. It is advised to include this as an additional feature which you put in your listing description as an optional expense for the guests. On the other hand, the guests will not have another additional cost on top of Airbnb’s service fees which in theory should improve the conversion rate for guests getting on your apartment’s announce.


6. You don’t use decoration

To have an attractive apartment, it’s better to have simple and modern decorations. You can invest in some decorations and your apartment will be more appealing in the photos and real life. Think about the decor in relation to the area your apartment is situated in. You may want your apartment to reflect the theme of the city, or contrast this to offer an apartment which is different from the norm.

When you choose your decoration, you must take in consideration different aspects. It’s necessary to make a compromise between comfort, durability, maintenance, trends, etc. You must also consider investing in solid and durable furniture. You will keep them longer, they will be of greater quality and your guest will be delighted.

Next, you need to choose something easy to clean. For example, it’s easier to clean a leather sofa rather than a fabric sofa.

You can take a look at our article on decoration here.




7. You don’t take care of your guest

Taking care of your guest is important in order to have good reviews, and good reviews are important for bookings. On Airbnb, it’s important to be present during the check-in and the check-out and to make guests feel like home. Ensuring that the cleaning is perfect is also crucial to have the guests feel comfortable.

Moreover, you can make a good impression with a few small touches. You can ask them if their first night was good, give them attention, leave some books in the property etc.

To make a difference, you can leave a letter for your guest, some local food, a cake if guest celebrates his/her birthday, explain the places to visit in the city etc. All these little things will allow your guests to be more comfortable and have an amazing experience.


8. Your apartment isn’t fully equipped 

Guests expect to have an equipped apartment. You must provide the necessary furnishing for the property. For example, have enough pots and pans for the kitchen, a hairdryer for the bathroom or hangers for the bedroom is valuable. This permits you to have a good description of the apartment and have bookings more easily.

Moreover, on Airbnb, you have a lot of checkboxes to present your equipment. It’s easier to have a lot of them: towels, sheets, soap and toilet paper, iron, internet. Make sure that you have all the essential equipment to please your guest. In addition, it allows you to have some descriptive tags and looks like more of a wholesome advertisement.



 If you want more information about this, you can download our checklist of essential inventory for your holiday rental apartments here.

9. You don’t care about legalities

Depending on the city your apartment is situated in, the legal conditions for Airbnb are not the same. In London, you can only rent for 90 days per year, 120 days a year in Paris etc. Most of the big cities have their own rules; so it is important to be updated with your city’s regulation.

In Barcelona, you must have, for example, a touristic licence, if you want to rent your apartment for less than 31 days. It’s not easy to have a touristic apartment as the city no eternal distributes touristic licence. Catalunya also has a tourist tax implemented for the 7 first night per adult (age 17 and over).

To read Airbnb’s position on Holiday Rentals click here.

Furthermore, there are different taxes depending on if you are a company or a person, depending on your income generated by the rental activity etc. It varies and therefore each case is different.


And what about you? What are your different tips on Airbnb? Do not hesitate to add some in the comment section below.

If you are interested in downloading our guide to take better pictures of your apartment, click the following button.




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