11 Brilliant Ways to Improve your Airbnb Listing in No Time!

Having an apartment on Airbnb isn’t enough to get a potential guest’s attention. Managing properties also means having a good listing to get the best reach.

11 brilliant ways to improve your Barcelona Airbnb listing in no time!

If you want some tips to help you with your Airbnb listings, here is what you should pay attention to.

1. The headline

Grab the guest’s attention

familiesThe guests should be able to recognise themselves in the headline.  Who are you targeting? Is your accommodation more adapted for a romantic trip, great for kids or better for a group?

You should speak to your audience, your typical guests and specify at the beginning or at the end of your heading you are talking to them. You could add something such as ‘perfect for 2 families’ or ‘convenient for couples with a baby’ in your heading.

Use features guests mention in your reviews

Guests usually say in the comments about what they liked the most about your place. You can use this information to improve your advertisement and present directly to a potential guest about what they would benefit from your residence.

Location and property type

When researching on Airbnb, people have to insert the location and the type of property they would need. Therefore, if you put it again in your title, it won’t be useful because it doesn’t add any value to your listing. However, adding the district of the property can be convenient because it gives a piece of information the guest couldn’t know.

The guests already know that they are going to find similar propositions matching the location and property type. You should use this small space to show something more relevant than what a guest already know.

Use catchy words

Most people use common words like “a nice apartment with an amazing view and great location”, but you want to stand out from this. Instead, you can improve your listing by using words such as “a spacious room in a cosy apartment with modern decoration”.

Get a higher click-through-rate

flowersA better title means you will get a higher click-through-rate from the search results. Creating the perfect title isn’t something you will get right away, you need to play around with it, experiment, and then analyse to see which one impacts your quantity of views. You should also adapt your heading to the seasons and the special events going on around your town to target the visitors. For instance, if a convention or a festival coming up, you should add the name of the event and the walking distance to get there.

If you want to learn more about how to take great pictures for your Airbnb, read our article here!

2. The text

Sell the area

In the first paragraph, you should explain to your guest where your property is located with details and features about the neighbourhood that are out of the ordinary. For example, if you have a patio with a view, you could describe the buildings you can see, or you could talk about enjoyable walks your guests could do in the area. An example of one of our apartments and how we would sell the area can be seen below.

sagrada familia terrace
Rooftop terrace with a stunning view of La Sagrada Familia
Talk about the apartment

For the second paragraph, you want to present your space, by giving complete and correct information. You don’t want your guest to be disappointed when coming to the apartment, so don’t oversell it. Just give necessary information such as reminding the property type, giving the number of bedrooms and how many people can fit, if there is internet access and if towels and sheets provided. Guests don’t want you to be vague.

Tell a story

type writerWhen giving information, you should always try to keep a warm and welcoming tone and try to keep the guest’s attention. They should be able to understand how your sanctuary is unique.

If you don’t know how to story-tell, you should try to sit with a friend and start to describe him what a journey would look in your living space, or you could read your reviews to identify unique moments and details your guests seemed to have appreciated, maybe your balcony is the ideal place to look at the animation of the street while enjoying a glass of sangria, for example.

Explain the check-in and check-out

Every owner is different and you don’t know at what time people could arrive, so explaining the hours of check-in and check-out and how you do it will be a lot easier for you to handle since your guests will know what to expect.

Give tips

At the end of your listing, your guests will appreciate pieces of information about what to do, such as activities nearby or the convenience store right on the corner, the timing to get to the main attractions and also the metro and bus access.

Post your listing in different languages

If you want to reach more people, you should try to translate your listings in other languages like French, Spanish and Italian who usually don’t speak English. To do that, you first need to translate your listing and then you can follow these steps to add your listing in another language:

  1. Go to Your Listing on airbnb.com
  2. Choose the listing you want to edit and click Description on the left
  3. Click Add Language at the top of the page
  4. Choose a language from the dropdown and click Add


  1. Go to Your Listing on airbnb.com
  2. Select Calendar or more button on the right side of the screen
  3. Click Description on the left
  4. Click Add Language at the top of the page
  5. Choose a language from the dropdown and click Add

Also, telling your guests to write reviews in their own language is a good idea since they will get more credits from potential guests sharing the same language.

If you haven’t seen our Airbnb photo guide yet, you can download it by clicking here!


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