The Ultimate Guide for Owners How to Find the Right Airbnb Guests

Hosting strangers in your holiday rental might be the main risk factor, it is therefore important for landlords to take this in to account. Screening your guests is essential but can often be complicated, time-consuming and ultimately unsuccessful. However, Airbnb’s platform, which is built on the concept of mutual trust, might make the process much easier.

The ultimate guide for owners on how to find the right Airbnb guests for your holiday rental in Barcelona

There are many ways to screen your Airbnb guests to make ensure they go from being unknown strangers to trusted guests. “There’s no reason to have an anonymous experience. Once people have their identity attached online, then they build a reputation. Suddenly you live in a world without strangers” –  Airbnb CEO.

How to find the perfect guests

The most logical initial step to attract the perfect guest would be to apply complete transparency by clearly setting all the rules and requirements which will be applied during the guests stay. This will be your first filter in the process for selecting the perfect guest. This might lead to potentially undesired guests to search elsewhere for accommodation that better suits their needs.

Gathering information about your guest might be the strongest method to analyse and identify the type of guest we are dealing with. In the absence of valuable information, communicating with the guests is indispensable. A questionnaire before confirming the reservation can be a very powerful tool for this task. Here is a sample of some targeted questions that can reveal to be very useful:

  1.  What is the purpose of your visit
  2. What factor attracted you to my listing and convinced you to book?
  3. How do you plan to spend your time during your visit?
  4. Have you read my house rules and do you have any questions about them?
  5. Have you used Airbnb before?
  6. Have you rented someone else’s home before?
  7. What is your occupation?

However, you will not have to do all the research yourself as checking the guests Airbnb profile might be the first and easiest step. A customer that has taken time to add a profile picture, a short description, added their email, their phone number and verified with an ID their account has already provided plenty of information, for you to have a general idea of them. Furthermore, by checking the reviews, you can not only understand whether someone is a regular user of the platform but also helps you to get a grasp of their persona.

Airbnb further facilitates the screening process as their interface interconnects its users with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. This is a great resource for hosts as it provides a great opportunity to gain a clearer picture of their guests and analyse relevant factors for the booking. As a result, this brings the two parties closer and encourages mutual trust between them.

User references are another source from which valuable information can be drawn. Airbnb users can complete references for colleagues, family members and friends when they have also registered on the platform. This can be an additional mean for a more in-depth analysis to gather as much knowledge and insight regarding your guest.

What could raise a red flag

When screening potential guests hosts must watch out for potential “Red Flags” as they are a good way of identifying undesired guests. This, however, does not imply that a customer ticks off a red flag is not suitable, nevertheless, it is a great indicator that can suggest when further scrutiny might be necessary.

  • If a guest demands for exceptions to be made for them in your house rules. It might suggest that they believe to be above the rules and that they do not appreciate the hosts need for the rules.
  • If a guest has been a member of Airbnb for a long time and has actively used the platform without receiving any reviews. This might suggest that the user has not been a great guest in the past.
  • If a guest has received negative reviews from previous hosts
  • If a guest shows a lack of communication, delivering only the most necessary information. This might suggest that they have little interest in your house rules and policies and might not take the time to read which could ultimately result in them breaking the rules.
  • If a guest is very demanding, it might suggest that their expectations are much higher than what you can or are willing to provide.


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