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Expect the exceptional

It has always been and it will always be about caring for our guests, neighbours, and employees. We are aware that there is an apartment for every single customer: that’s why we currently hold a selection of over a hundred fully equipped & well-located options, in the nicest spots of Spain.

This way our guests will embrace the lovely Spanish lifestyle throughout their stay. From our first contact with you up until your departure, we will tailor our services to your needs. We want all our guests to leave as friends: our mission is to empower the human connection. That’s why we never quit working.

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We have been around since 2005, when RentTheSun was born as an online booking portal. In 2012 we started managing apartments offline too: from user experience to cleaning and decorating them.

This turned out so well we launched our new brand, Stay U-nique, in 2015: this is to the date the greatest project in which we have been involved.



Our first brand launched


We started offline management


Stay U-nique was born


World Travel Awards Winners

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This year we were extremely glad to see all our effort come to light for the second time in a row: we were very happy to receive the World Travel Award for Spain’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand. We could not possibly feel more accomplished: this means we have been doing everything as it should be, and more importantly, we prise our employees for their hard work.

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Our values

Guests are our priority for sure. But on top of that, we care about our customers, employees and the environment the most.

Therefore, we consider of utmost importance the eco-friendliness and sustainability of our apartments by using energy efficient appliances and recycling bins, while also using electric scooters to move around for check-ins; we prioritise our neighbours’ comfort and wellbeing by installing noise meters and making sure our guests are as respectful as possible with them; and finally, we organise events such as U-Talks and after-work activities as part of our team’s purpose to make our employees feel as satisfied as possible.

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