Learn more about a position - Hotel Management

What will you do?

As an hotel management intern, you will be working in Barcelona226, our small "hotel" which has 12 rooms and 26 apartments. Barcelona226 has a team of 8-10 people, including 3 managers.

What should you expect?

  • Reservations and booking management
  • Preparing, serving and clearing after breakfast
  • Calling and e-mailing with guests for a variety of reasons, to introduce yourself and build relationship, up sell, get arrival information etc.
  • Doing check-ins and check-outs, as well as handling customer requests and questions during their stay
  • Coordinating the maintenance and cleaning teams to ensure things are fixed on time and apartments cleaned at the right times
  • Selling tickets, experiences, restaurant visits, etc. to our guests
  • Preparing apartments for our guests, based on the information we have gathered on them
  • Handling different smaller errands for the back and front office.

And these are the extra responsibilities which you will be given while working with us:

  • Being Sales responsible, and therefore tracking and finding ways for the team to improve
  • Being Cleaning and Maintenance responsible, being on top of the cleaning and maintenance responsible, ensuring we have a quick turnover rate for reported maintenance issues and that all apartments are cleaned to a high standard and on time.
  • Being U-nique Check-in responsible, ensuring that all of our guests receive the same high service and unique check in experience personalised for them, and that we keep improving and get even better.
  • Being Reviews responsible, making sure the team is actively asking for reviews from our guests, tracking and analysing reviews and finding improvment points.
  • And more.

What do we expect?

  • Work weeks are 40 hours spread over 5 days, under normal circumstances. This might be changed under special occasions, but then you will recover the time later. The average will always be 5 days and 40 hours a week.
  • You work all 7 days a week, which days you have off will vary every week and they will not necessarily be two days in a row. Working hours will normally be from either 7:45-15:45, 9-17 or 15-23, but will also change every now and then.

What do we offer?

Bank Holidays
Employee recognition programs


*This does not count in the first or last month of the internship, if the last salary ends on an odd amount of less than 150€ or if 100% of the month is not completed, then the guarantee will not be in effect.

**This also does not count in case the intern refuses to do a late check in during the month. Mobile data is included in this amount