Learn more about a position - Customer Service WOW Ninja Internship

Customer Service WOW Ninja Internship

Stay U-nique is looking for new colleagues, passionate about caring, with initiative in delivering personalized service to our guests and creativity for finding solutions to any difficult situation that might appear, willing to know more about the running of a property management company.

If this is you, you will be working in our open space office, in a young and international group made of 5-7 people, including 2 managers.

What can you expect?

The role of Customer Journey Ninja is very dynamic and requires a lot of autonomy. You will be on your feet a lot of the day as you will be travelling around Barcelona to meet our guests. You can travel with either our electric bicycles or electric scooters.


You are the front face of the company, you will be meeting all of our guests and will be the main driver of our concept and service, and will be the standout factor to whether our guests have a Stay U-nique experience or not.

And these are some examples of extra responsibilities which you could be given while working with us:

? Optimizing reviews for a certain building

? Finding ways to make certain apartments more suitable to Chinese market

? Do season or holiday specific changes to the apartments to surprise our guests

? Being Sales responsible, and therefore tracking and finding ways for the team to improve

? And more.

What do we expect?

• Work weeks are 40 hours spread over 5 days, under normal circumstances. This might be changed under special occasions, but then you will recover the time later.

• The working days can be any from Monday to Sunday and the days you have off will vary every week and they will not necessarily be two days in a row. Working hours will normally be from 10-18 but will also change every now and then.

What do we offer?

• Fun and family-like working atmosphere

• Training

• Lots of responsibilities and possibility of putting your ideas into practice

• You will earn 2 holidays per month you work with us (besides your weekly days off)

• All official bank holidays

• You are guaranteed 300€/ month* (including mobile data allowance). An intern earns money on late fees throughout the month. If this variable plus the fixed salary (of 150€ for the first 4 months, then increasing by 50€ per month till it reaches 450€ after the 10th month) does not exceed 300€ for a full month, the company pays the remaining amount up until 300€**.

*This does not count in the first or last month of the internship if not 100% completed.

**This also does not count in case the intern refuses to do a late check in during the month.