Intern Experiences

View what our previous interns have to say about the experiences with us in Barcelona


Sam Benjamin

Marketing Student
Bournemouth University
United Kingdom

My time at Stay U-nique and Barcelona was incredible! I came in the height of peak season so I was very busy from day 1, despite this the teaching that I received from Christian, Stine, Renata and the rest of the team was outstanding. Everyone in the office is amazing from the rest of the interns all the way up to the best boss ever, Enrique! The best thing about Stay U-nique is that you don't see your peers as colleagues, you see them as friends, some of which I will talk to long after I leave! There are weekly meet ups for a few drinks, football matches, sight seeing etc. If you have an interest in the travel industry and want to get stuck in a young but rapidly developing company there is no better internship out there!


Joanne Staal


I couldn’t have wished for a better experience abroad. My internship at Stay U-nique has truly been amazing! I had no idea what to expect, moving to Barcelona on my own… but I immediately felt at home on my first day. Working in this international team has been great. I have learned so much about the tourism industry as well as myself. I have met the most amazing people. Guests from all over the world and colleagues who I can call my friends now. One of the unique things about Stay U-nique is the personal attention for every single guest. Welcoming them and making them feel at home. Nothing is better than making people happy with our service. I would recommend Stay U-nique to anyone. Every day is different, the team is the best and you’ll be living in the most beautiful city. I will never forget my time at Stay U-nique!


Patrick Hamilton

International Business
San Diego State

Getting the chance to leave your comfort zone and work with people from all over the world is one of the best opportunities you can have. As an International Business major at my University, I was interested in working abroad and improving my Spanish, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had as an Intern at Stay-U-nique. Being exposed to so many different types of people and cultures on a daily basis really makes you look back at your own culture from a different perspective and allows you to grow as an individual. This internship drastically improved my people skills, and I noticed my Spanish improving day to day. At one moment I would be checking in a family from China into an apartment, and the next I would be preparing tapas for a couple from Málaga. My days never got stale because you never knew who you might meet or what might happen next. I became very good friends with all of the other interns, and I now have connections all over the globe. The three months I spent at Rent The Sun is now worth a lifetime.


Bertil Hansel


I did an internship at Stay-U-nique, with a duration of 5 months. Time went by so fast, because I had such a good time in Barcelona. The people at Stay-U-nique are so friendly that you immediately feel right at home! your co-workers become your friends, where you will spend your days off with these people anayway. the good atmosphere in the office carries over to your personal meetings with our guests in our apartments. the experience of meeting people from all over the world was exciting and educational. Overall i loved working at Stay-U-nique in Barcelona, and i miss the great and unique experiences i had with all the friends i made in the company.


Youssef El Amari

La Rochelle Business School

I did my internship in Stay-U-nique, and my amazing experience was like a dream.

I learnt a lot of things about business and specially about the tourism sector, I improved also my langages (English, French, Arabic, Spanish …). I worked with a multicultural team, everyone was different but everyone was very interesting, thanks to them, I discovered a lot of different cultures.

Some of them are like my brothers now, it’s definitely a personal and professional enriching experience.

I hope will back soon to meet you again :)


Bram Van De Sanden


Following my internship at rent the sun was great! Just living on your own for the first time in a huge city like barcelona is a big experience . while looking back on my time at rent the sun there are a few things that pop out the most. first of al the atmophere with the company and between the people is very friendly and tight. in fact there is just a gaint group of friends there all working togheter waiting for you with the arms open and the only thing you have to do is embrance then! the second thing is that everybody voice is heard. my experience is that there is always time to speak about your ideas for the company and you will have the change to actual carry out your ideas! third the overall guidence at rent the sun through out your internship is absolutly great and very personal. there is always time to talk about your personal matters and about your proffesional matters with in the company. So if you want an internship within a company thats has a great athomophesere, where you say and what you do truly matters, where you have really good guidence troughout your intership and where you can develop yourself as a person and your skills within costumer service! Then Stay-U-nique is where you should be!


Pepe Cuerda


Doing my Internship in Stay-U-nique was an amazing experience, I learned a lot of things about the tourism industry, I met incredible people from all around the world and I practiced a lot my English skills.

The atmosphere in the company is really kind, I felt like home really quickly. Everybody is very kind and they will help you whenever you need it.

I highly recommend everybody to do your internship in this amazing company and in the Incredible city of Barcelona!

I can’t wait to return back soon!!!!


Chiara Menon

Business, Language and Culture
Copenhagen Business School

Time literally flew while being an intern at Stay-U-nique! I worked there quite briefly unfortunately but had the time to learn a lot. It is a great place if you want to learn about the tourist sector as the managers will always make sure that you fully understand what the process is but at the same time you have the opportunity to take on responsibility and work independently.

Stay-U-nique also recognizes the importance of team-building and makes therefore an effort in organizing activities for the staff and making sure that the group is cohesive and well-functioning; I found myself working with people from very different backgrounds and cultures and it was simply amazing because you get the chance to become a part of a truly international team and build friendships worldwide!


Gillian Schotborg


It may seem a bit tough to dream about such internships initially, but if you have it in you, you surely can crack that tough nut and get going.

Completing an internship at Stay-U-nique didn’t just only add a highlight to my Resume but it also allowed me the grew as the person I am today. The very first time in my life where I did something for my own. Stay-U-nique is the internship I can truly recommend to everyone who’s looking for a fun but yet professional development. It’s such a diverse company. There are lots of activities to provide. From social network to preparing a apartment which is your responsibility. It’s something I experienced as well, one of the biggest changes in my life by undertaking an internship at Stay-U-nique was gaining more independence. If you are looking for internship where you aren’t treated as just an intern but as a real employee with colleagues who feel like their your family in the country which you always dreamt about then this is your place to be.


Denise Romano

Commercial Assistant Marketing and Communications
OC Horizon College Hoorn

I look back on a learning period in Barcelona. My internship started at the 11th of February and ended at the 14th of June 2013. This means an internship of 20 weeks in total. I did an internship for marketing. There’s a good atmosphere at Stay-U-nique. Everyone will feel welcome. Enrique, the company’s manager, is very helpful. He is open for new ideas and is very involved with the operations from school.

During my internship I did several activities every day. I answered emails, did check ins and check outs, translations, prepared guest receipts and designed a business card. I could also do a lot relating to marketing because there were many assignments that I could carry out for my exams. Stay-U-nique is a perfect internship for inquisitive trainees who don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality. You have to work hard because Enrique want the very best for its customers. He involves you very good in this. It is very important that you are enthusiastic and patient because you also need to represent the company. With these properties your internship will be a very good and instructive experience.

I was very happy with my internship. I liked the combination of a small company in a big city. I could find myself in the basic principles, the guest is very important, they deserve the best service as possible.

I hope you will find it just as exciting as me!


Dorothy Piotrowski

International Management at University of Technology

If you are interested in tourism and you enjoy working with people, Stay-U-nique is the place for you. My internship started with the beginning of the summer time, when Barcelona tempts the most with its’ sunny beaches, amazing city centre and intensive night life, but when deciding to joining Stay-U-nique you must have in mind that many times you will find yourself wrapped up with work. If this does not scare you, Stay-U-nique will for sure compensate your time with many fun moments, meeting great people from all over the world and the opportunity to develop your language skills, both english and spanish.


Milena Kruczyk

Finance and accounting student
University of Warsaw

I have spent at Stay-U-nique 3,5 months and it was the best working experience as a student can imagine. We were all threated individually, some of the tasks were also distribiuted according to our skills and interests. I could learn how business works and how to conduct it. I also had a possibility to cooperate with a clients from all over the world which was great challenge and experience. The company is giving a lot independence and you can really feel that you contribute to its actions and development. The strenght of Stay-U-nique definitely also that none of the days looks the same- you can never get bored. Another great asset are the people. There is really a family (and international) atmosphere at the office. It is definitely perfect place for a person who is seeking for challanges and want to learn new things. Althought I am not student anymore, internship at Stay-U-nique will definitely always be one of the greatest experiences of my study time.


Ruben Klerx

International Tourism and Travel Industry
NHTV Internationale Hogeschool

During the period of 4.5 month when I did my placement at Stay-U-nique, I can honestly say that this was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The warm, personal and small-scale atmosphere of the company gives you a comfortable feeling immediately from the moment you start working. Due to this small-scale of the company, the internship will provide you the possibility to get insight into different angles of the company and therefore you will get to know the company in-depth which is great!! Because of this, I was able to be involved into a variety of working activities and to have different responsibilities which gave me a feeling that I was really part of the company, rather than just an intern or student. The company is also very open for your ideas and they appreciate if you take initiative. Furthermore the company is very international oriented, so on the workplace you work with many other nationalities and besides this you will have contact with clients from all over the world! The guidance during my placement was also great, since everybody is open to answer any question and the atmosphere is really open. I have developed myself both on professional level as well as personal level during my placement period, which is the perfect combination. To conclude, I can definitely recommend a placement at Stay-U-nique due to the personal atmosphere, great guidance, diversity of tasks and responsibilities and the international orientation!


Thijs Rietvoort

International Communication Student
Hanze University of Applied Sciences

I did my internship at Stay-U-nique from February 2014 till July 2014. And if you would ask me to sum it up in one word, it would be: refreshing. Many internships consist of a certain time period where you learn a minimum amount and just ‘get a peek in the kitchen’. However, Stay-U-nique makes sure that you make the most of the time that you have been given! And they do!

Before my internship started, I wanted to be an asset to the team and make sure that my team spend at the office was not in vain. Together with the marketing director, Christian Sorensen, we gave the social media platforms of the company a second life. In 5 months time, we developed new content for the website and blog with the goal of making the brand name of Stay-U-nique more known. You can learn a lot from him. (If you want him to like you, just tell him you like FC Barcelona, HINT!). The time is at the office was always a good time. The (international) team is always fun and the mood at the office is always positive. Together, we had a lot of fun while pushing the company forward. Enrique, the CEO of the company, is the most relaxed boss you will ever have. The great thing about Enrique and Stay-U-nique is the fact that they actually want you to think with them and contribute to the company. But don’t let the calmness fool you, he is a very clever man and you can always learn from him! All-in all, if you are looking for a internship where you will learn a lot


Kevin Debiene

International Business Management
La Rochelle Business School

My internship at Stay-U-nique was an unforgettable experience both professionally and socially. The small size of the company with open minded managers that listen to what you have to say is ideal for learning a variety of knowledge and propose your own ideas. It goes from all the process to manage self-catering apartments combined with SEO and web marketing works on the website. The tasks were varied leaving no room for boredom. The work environment was extraordinary: open-space with international colleagues in Barcelona! Still in contact with the people I encountered during the internship, Stay-U-nique gave me confidence in the future challenges that I plan to undertake.


Tania Latici

International Relations and European Studies student
West University of Timisoara

It can be quite the challenge to try to sum up an amazing experience in just a paragraph. So let’s start with the beginning. The first time I entered the Stay-U-nique office I was welcomed by a bunch of smiling faces and a very positive vibe. At that moment I was thinking is this really the daily attitude of workers in an office? Turns out it was.

The staff were extremely kind, helpful and patient in teaching me all the things that I needed to know, considering that I didn’t know the first thing about tourism management or customer service.

One of the best things at Stay-U-nique is that they truly help you develop your skills and take into consideration your ideas or opinions, thus genuinely valuing you as member of their team.

Moreover, imagine how fun it is to work in a lively and friendly environment, without having to endure any routine whatsoever and after work, having the best time outside of the office with the same amazing and creative people (Sangria, baby!).

This internship has helped me gain confidence, learn a variety of things, from marketing strategies and customer service to effective communication both in English and Spanish!

Finally, working in such a diverse environment is absolutely thrilling, along with noticing all the traditions of individuals from all over the world (people actually eat raw carrots as a healthy snack!) and especially building sincere friendships are just some of the things that make the Stay-U-nique experience a unique one that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.


Jörn Malte

Global Marketing and Management student
University of Southern Denmark

An internship in Barcelona at Stay-U-nique you get new insight knowledge of the apartment tourism. But It’s even more than that, since the company is small in numbers you have to dispute with all thinkable tasks that could appear from processing an incoming booking, over planning new services for coming costumers till advertising the company and its apartments to an international target audience. The diversity of tasks on an ordinary workday is what an internship at Stay-U-nique makes so attractive. Furthermore you will experience a warm working atmosphere which is created by open-minded colleagues. This combination of fun at the workplace, challenging task and lots of sun makes it to a very interesting internship.


Morgan Dunn

Human Resources Management
University of Colorado
United States

There is only one thing that can make a job applicant stand out above all others: International experience. Sounds easy enough, right? Think again. Even if you find an internship abroad, it doesn’t guarantee a worth-while experience that will benefit you in the end. Generally, most companies, no matter where in the world you go, aren’t going to give an intern professional responsibilities. I mean would you risk the success of your company on an intern? Most would answer “no” while slightly laughing due to the ridiculousness of the question at hand. But the one thing these managers don’t know is that by giving interns responsibilities, they could actually be benefiting their company more than they ever thought possible. You see, by giving people actual responsibilities, you are subsequently making them care about the outcome and in turn, about your company. By putting them in a position to actually have an impact on something, you are ensuring they will put their best effort forward and strive for excellence out of themselves. Rarely do managers actually look at interns like they have a brain. Instead, they merely see them as a coffee runner, paper-jam fixer, or even a lunch-getter. But imagine what a new, young, and fresh mind could do for a company. The possibilities are endless. In fact, for as much as an intern can learn from a manager, there are also a few things a manager could learn from their intern. In an attempt (and a successful one at that) to truly engage their interns, the management team at Stay-U-nique has provided a dream-like structure for their interns. If you are looking to be more than a barista or data in-puter, this is the company to do your internship with! Not only are you encouraged to ask questions, but you are expected to. Without asking questions, how can you be expected to put what you’ve learned into action? Organized in teams you are able to learn to work with others in order to achieve multiple goals. But the teams at Stay-U-nique are no ordinary teams. Your teammates will just happen to be from all over the world, which for you, means very different views, languages, and opinions are brought to the table to come up with unique strategies to solve problems. And within those strategies, if you prefer to partake in certain tasks rather than others, that is of your own will to do so. Although we all participate in tasks we are not always fond of, this internship allows you to more often, take part in the ones you do rather than the ones you don’t. From the day you start you are introduced to new ways of doing things and looking at situations differently than you have before. You are expected to manage your own apartments and your own schedule with your customers. Of course management is there to support and help at any time, but for the most part you are given the ability to run “your” business your way. An internship at Stay-U-nique is a unique opportunity as internships come. Although the above described aspects hold within them their own challenges, they also provide the greatest benefits


Radost Vasileva

International Communication student

Being an intern in the marketing department of Stay-U-nique was an amazing opportunity for me to finally apply all the things I have learned during my time in university. The daily contact with customers and my colleagues made those three months of my life a truly rewarding experience from which I’ve learned so much – in both personal and professional aspect. My absolute favourite part of the internship was the international atmosphere in the office which contributed to the family-like culture of the company. I would definitely recommend Stay-U-nique as a placement company as it is a place where everyone gets to voice their ideas and have the opportunity to make them reality.


Josh Fradley

Tourism Management Student
Bournemouth University
United Kingdom

I can honestly say that being an intern for Stay-U-nique has been a fantastic opportunity for me and is one of the best decisions I have made. No two days are alike, one day I could be checking in customers and the next I could be fixing an apartment. Stay-U-nique gave me the opportunity to be involved with all aspect of the company as well as the ability to contribute new ideas or processes. The company provides an almost family atmosphere, one that means work gets done but everyone has a good time too! I would highly recommend Stay-U-nique to anyone who is looking for an internship that offers an awesome working environment as well as a place where you can develop.


Leanne Peute

Tourism Management student

Doing an internship at Stay-U-nique for 4,5 months was a great opportunity for me to learn a lot more about the tourism industry and to develop myself. You learn the whole process from receiving a booking till the customer is back home after a stay. It gave me a good feeling when customers were really happy with their accommodation. Some customers make your day a lot more funny. The personal contact with customers was absolutely my favorite part of the internship. What I also liked as an intern in the company was the i international atmosphere in the office. With a lot of interns that were in general of the same age as me, gave me a real family feeling. At the beginning was everything very new and you will get a lot of information but, because of the nice atmosphere, I felt like home quickly. Important is that you have a lot of responsibility and your opinion and ideas mean a lot. I went every day with pleasure to my internship, every day was different!


Rebekka Peute

University of Applied Science

Last year I spent the best five months of my life as an intern at Stay-U-nique in Barcelona. During this internship I learnt as much as possible about the tourism industry. Stay-U-nique gives you a great opportunity as an intern. I learnt about the whole process in a customer journey, starting from processing bookings till doing check-ins at the apartments. This was the best part of my internship because the contact with the guests was amazing. Furthermore I also developed myself in the back office part of the job. Some of the tasks were marketing, blog-postings, financial reports and Search Engine Optimisation. It is a various job in a lovely city with great colleagues. I would recommend this internship to any enthusiastic and hard-working intern. It is the best company to learn and have fun! I still look back at my awesome months at Stay-U-nique; the company that will always have a place in my heart!