Frequently Asked Questions

All you needed to know

We do not offer accommodation; however we can assist you in finding a suitable place to live as we have recently started collaboration with an agency offering student flats/rooms in shared flat

Yes, whenever you have to travel for any work purpose you can use company´s metro ticket, take one of the office bicycles or even the scooter.

Some days might be crazy, and some days might be very quiet, but one thing is sure: there will not be two days the same.

The rent in Barcelona differs very much, depending on the location of the flat, with how many other people you share it etc. Normally, the average rent is 350? for a room in a shared flat.

As our team is very international, the official language of the company is English. However, you´ll get the chance to improve your Spanish by either speaking with the company´s manager, our Spanish-speaking colleagues or even with our guests.

We do not ask for a uniform. However, as we are constantly growing and becoming a more and more professional company, we all want to look nice for our guests. Also, we always need to consider the cultural background of our guests and need to adapt the dress code to that. Therefore, a neat and nice outfit is required.

Yes, everyone who works here gets vacation days; no matter if you are coming for a 5 months or 12 months internship in our company.

Yes, but a slim chance. You need to impress so this depends only on you and your performance.