Want to join the U-nique Family?

What do we do?

In a nutshell, we are an apartment management company, meaning we manage tourist apartments on behalf of owners. We manage everything from pricing and availability to taking care of the apartments, guests, owners and neighbours. We aim to provide a unique service to everyone that we come in contact with, by understanding their needs and wants and then trying to exceed them.

What We Believe In

There is no denying that we are a strange bunch, like any other family we are a mix of different personalities and characters, but we think it’s what makes us special. We go above and beyond for every single guest, and aim to exceed their expectations. We care for our staff, we care for our guests, we care for our neighbours and owners of our apartments. We have a passion for caring… you could say.

We believe in teamwork and helping one another in order to achieve great results.
We believe in the opportunity to grow everyday through responsibility and empowerment.
We believe in a cheerful working environment where everyone enjoys every minute of being there
We believe in trying 99 times before making it work

And now, what do you believe in?

Academic Value

As a young and inspired team who are mostly fresh out of University ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring that an internship enhances your academic profile. We will help you to ensure that your internship is as beneficial to your degree as possible, adapting your tasks and responsibilities to suit you. We can help you to brain storm assignments, provide any company related information needed to complete them and a space where you can sit in your free time to work if you find it hard to work from home.

What You Can You Expect


Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing intern at Stay U-nique you will be part of the marketing team whose role is to spread the word about Stay U-nique


Customer Service WOW Ninja Internship

Do you love the contact with guests and are able, no matter what, to bring a smile on people´s face? Check out this opportunity and become the front face of our company!


Hotel Management

As an hotel management intern, you will be working in Barcelona226, our small "hotel"


Office Management


Our Team

Christian Sørensen
Christian - Excellence and Innovation

Promoter of stoicism and mindfullness

Renata Hazieva
Renata - Partner Relations Manager

Communicates with partners and unicorns

Enrique Alcántara
Enrique - Managing Director

The most caring boss you will ever have

Sophie Stoodley
Sophie - Human Development Manager

Guider and moulder of good souls

Jeroen Coopmans
Jeroen - Hotel Manager

Brings order and uniformity to 'The Trio'

Josh Fradley
Josh - Development Manager

King of anything and everything technical

Simona Banu
Simona - Talent Acquisition Manager

Finder of good souls to work with

Anouk van der Heijden
Anouk - Hotel Manager

Brings finesse to 'The Trio'

Ilse Morsink
Ilse - Customer Service

Spanish class Tuesday and Thursday from 18'00 on


Fynn Bümmerstede - DE
"The internship helped me develop my social skills by talking to guests and colleagues from all over the world. My understanding of other cultures increased by far which helps me in my life and my studies. I had the opportunity and the trust of the managers to run small projects with colleagues or on my own. Stay U-nique was for me the family I didn’t had in Barcelona."
Martine Speijers - NL
"Being an intern at Stay U-nique gives you a lot of responsibility to help the company to become even better and that is what made it so special. I am so thankful for all the things I have learned and for all the amazing people I have met. This placement would not have been the same without all the support from the nicest people working for this company."
Maximilian Doering - DE
"My internship at Stay U-nique exceeded my expectations completely. I heard a lot of positive stories about it but I never thought that my colleagues will also become my close friends. It is in my opinion a perfect balance between working goal oriented, striving for improvement and having fun at the same time. The family-like atmosphere in the company makes it easy to feel welcome"
Jet Borghuis - NL
"You don’t really feel like an intern here but more like a permanent employee. Everybody is so enthusiastic, eager to learn and helpful. This leads to a good working environment and a happy atmosphere. If you put a lot of effort in your work and show everyone that you would like to be a part of the team, you will get so much respect and you will be highly appreciated."
Joanne Staal - NL
"I couldn’t have wished for a better experience abroad. My internship at Stay U-nique has truly been amazing! I have met the most amazing people. Guests from all over the world and colleagues who I can call my friends now. Every day is different, the team is the best and you’ll be living in the most beautiful city. I will never forget my time at Stay U-nique!"
Sam Benjamin - UK
"Everyone in the office is amazing from the rest of the interns all the way up to the best boss ever, Enrique! The best thing about Stay U-nique is that you don't see your peers as colleagues, you see them as friends, some of which I will talk to long after I leave! If you have an interest in the travel industry and want to get stuck in a young but rapidly developing company, there is no better internship out there!"
Patrick Hamilton - US
"Getting the chance to leave your comfort zone and work with people from all over the world is one of the best opportunities you can have. This internship drastically improved my people skills, and I noticed my Spanish improving day to day. I became very good friends with all of the other interns, and I now have connections all over the globe."
Bertil Hansel - DK
"Time went by so fast, because I had such a good time in Barcelona. The people at Stay-U-nique are so friendly that you immediately feel right at home! your co-workers become your friends, where you will spend your days off with these people anyway. The good atmosphere in the office carries over to your personal meetings with our guests in our apartments."
Youssef Al Amari - FR
"I learnt a lot of things about business and specially about the tourism sector, I improved also my langages (English, French, Arabic, Spanish …). I worked with a multicultural team, everyone was different but everyone was very interesting, thanks to them, I discovered a lot of different cultures.Some of them are like my brothers now, it’s definitely a personal and professional enriching experience."
Bram Van De Sanden - NL
"Firstly, the atmosphere in the company and between the people is very friendly and tight. In fact, there is just a giant group of friends, all working together, waiting for you with the arms open and the only thing you must do is embrace then! The second thing is that everybody voice is heard. my experience is that there is always time to speak about your ideas for the company and you will have the change to actual carry out your ideas! "
Pepe Cuerda - MX
"Doing my Internship in Stay-U-nique was an amazing experience, I learned a lot of things about the tourism industry, I met incredible people from all around the world and I practiced a lot my English skills. The atmosphere in the company is really kind, I felt like home really quickly. Everybody is very kind and they will help you whenever you need it."
Leanne Peute - NL
"The personal contact with customers was absolutely my favorite part of the internship. What I also liked as an intern in the company was the i international atmosphere in the office. With a lot of interns that were in general of the same age as me, gave me a real family feeling. Important is that you have a lot of responsibility and your opinion and ideas mean a lot."
Chiara Menon - IT
"Stay U-nique recognizes the importance of team-building and makes therefore an effort in organizing activities for the staff and making sure that the group is cohesive and well-functioning; I found myself working with people from very different backgrounds and cultures and it was simply amazing because you get the chance to become a part of a truly international team and build friendships worldwide!"
Gillian Schotborg - NL
"Completing an internship at Stay-U-nique didn’t just only add a highlight to my Resume but it also allowed me the grew as the person I am today. The very first time in my life where I did something for my own. Stay-U-nique is the internship I can truly recommend to everyone who’s looking for a fun but yet professional development. It’s such a diverse company. "
Ruben Clerx - NL
"Due to this small-scale of the company, the internship will provide you the possibility to get insight into different angles of the company and therefore you will get to know the company in-depth which is great!! Because of this, I was able to be involved into a variety of working activities and to have different responsibilities which gave me a feeling that I was really part of the company, rather than just an intern or student."
Tania Latici - RO
"One of the best things at Stay-U-nique is that they truly help you develop your skills and take into consideration your ideas or opinions, thus genuinely valuing you as member of their team. Moreover, imagine how fun it is to work in a lively and friendly environment, without having to endure any routine whatsoever and after work, having the best time outside of the office with the same amazing and creative people."
Morgan Dunn - US
"In an attempt (and a successful one at that) to truly engage their interns, the management team at Stay-U-nique has provided a dream-like structure for their interns. If you are looking to be more than a barista or data in-puter, this is the company to do your internship with! Not only are you encouraged to ask questions, but you are expected to. Without asking questions, how can you be expected to put what you’ve learned into action?"