Top 5 things to do in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Author: Laia Morela

Located in Ciutat Vella district, in the heart of the city, the Gothic Quarter is the oldest and one of the most amazing areas of Barcelona. The pleasant neighborhood is delimited by Las Ramblas, Vía Laietana, Paseo de Colón and Plaza de Cataluña.

The quarter have the oldest parts of the city of Barcelona, and includes the remains of the city’s Roman wall and several notable medieval landmarks. Much of the present-day parts of the quarter dates to the 19th and early 20th centuries.
The Barri Gòtic retains a labyrinthine street plan, with many small streets opening out into squares.

Presided over by the baroque church from which it takes its name, the square have a number of historic elements that make it particularly attractive, especially when you view it in silence.

On January 1938 many bombs fell from the sky and you can still see the wounds etched into the façade of the church. A plaque reminds us of the fact that a bombing raid by fascist planes ended the lives of 42 people, many of them children from the school.

Today you can find there people playing music and some couples taking a romantic walk.

The “patios” are Mediterranean spaces par excellence, they offer open air in sheltered environments and full of personality. Normally the patios that we find in Barrio Gotico are cozy restaurants with few tables. One of our recommendations would be the “Bar el Jardí” restaurant.

With a patio full of little stones on the floor, half a dozen tables, some parasol, plants, trees and precious glazed crystals, you can enjoy a drink during sunny days or during the night.

Located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, the cathedral building was built over 150 years, between the 13th and 15th centuries. The place chosen was the same where a Romanesque cathedral had previously existed and, before, a Paleo-Christian temple. The temple is dedicated to Santa Creu and Santa Eulàlia, patron saint of the city.

You can visit it for free during all days of the week.

The Gothic quarter of Barcelona hides some of the best bars in the city. Some of them seem to have stopped in time, retaining the look and authenticity of years ago. Others, however, have been created recently, but retaining the architectural structure and the charm of this historic neighbourhood.

We can recommend you the “Bosc de les Fades” Bar.  Each section of the bar is decorated with somewhat mystical or fantasyland themes, so you could find yourself in the middle of a night time forest, complete with running stream or rooms with strange or unique goings from people hidden behind mirrors to levitating feats…