5 Things You Must Know About La Barceloneta

Author: Dimitar Petkov

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5 Things You Must Know About La Barceloneta

Visiting Barcelona is already a truly amazing experience as it is a perfect fit for everyone likes. Every visitor can have fulfill their wants no matter what they are. Possibilities are endless. From sunbathing at the beach to doing hikes and experiencing panoramic views from Tibidabo. In addition, doing cultural and historical tourism in various neighborhoods spread around the city. But also a possibility of culinary tourism, visiting sport events, going fishing, partying and many more. However, one neighborhood stands out – La Barceloneta.

La Barceloneta is an area is representing the seaside of Barcelona to its fullest. And is also located just minutes away from the city center. So, here are five things you should know before visiting the area to make it even more intriguing.

1. History

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Not so long ago Barceloneta was a virtually uninhabited area. However, back in 1754, fishermen began to settle in this area of the city because of its proximity to the sea. What is interesting is that until the present day the neighborhood has managed to preserve its essence of marine life. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why it still has so much charm today. Lastly, to truly experience it you have to get lost in the side alleys and streets.

2. The Beach

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Another interesting fact about La Barceloneta is that despite it is located on the coast not so long ago it did not have the beach. What many visitors do not know is that the beach was built-up with sand imported all the way from Egypt back in 1992. This was possible because of the money that came in after the Olympics held in Barcelona (1992). Nowadays, the beach attracts a huge amount of tourists, locals, runners, cyclists and more every single day becoming a one of the symbols of Barcelona.

3. El Peix

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The Olympic Games also shaped another landmark of Barcelona called “El Peix”. This astonishing piece of art was constructed in La Barceloneta for the games. It is a 52 meters long golden fish made by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry. The statue is from stainless steel and glares under the bright Spanish sun. Nowadays, around the landmark are located some of the nicest nightclubs, restaurants and hotels in Barcelona. Therefore, making it one of the trendy and modern places to visit in the city.

4. Montjuïc Cable Car

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Another must-do in the area is definitely the cable car taking visitors to Montjuïc. The cable car starts from the port of Barcelona and goes for 752 meters up to the top of Montjuïc Mountain and the Montjuïc castle. During the ride, passengers are enjoying one of the best panoramic views in Barcelona. So, being able to see sights from all over the city like Sagrada FamiliaMuseu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and more.

5. L’Estel Ferit

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The L’Estel Ferit sculpture consists of four rotated blocks that is why locals commonly refer to it as the “the cubes”. In addition, the idea behind the sculpture is to show recognition to the fishermen in Barceloneta. It is one more of the landmarks in the area built for the Olympic Games in 1992. The artist Rebecca Horn had also the desire to praise the whole area with the bars, restaurant and chiringuitos.