Top 3: Autumn in Barcelona

Author: Shree Magdani

Barcelona in November quietens down a lot compared to the preceding months. The average daytime temperatures generally hover around 17°C (that is about 62°F), whereas the average minimum temperatures drop down to 8°C (that is about 46°F. But, with beautiful scenery, amazing food and an even better atmosphere, Barcelona is probably one place that, no matter of the weather, is always an amazing experience.

The streets are flooded with beautiful shades of yellow, brown and red. Its the perfect time to grab your camera, go for a walk and embrace all that the city has to offer.

Make sure you look out for the castanyeras, men and women who sell roasted chestnuts and foil-wrapped sweet potatoes on the street corners of Barcelona. Just the smell of it will have your mouth watering. Grab a newspaper-filled cone and go for a stroll around the city with chestnuts in hand. Yum!

Mushroom foraging 

Experience the true authenticity of Autumn.  After the first rain(s) of the season, people venture out to the forests and hills in search of these little fungi, and they are not lacking. A very fun activity for nature-lovers,  families, or budding explorers, it’s the perfect dose of rural tourism right outside the city.

Street food festival 

Eat Street is holding its second edition of ‘Hot and Spicy’ at the Nau Bostik Address: Carrer Ferran Turné, 11, 08027 Barcelona. Are you a fan of international cuisines? Then check out this place for very hot, but very spicy dishes from Peru, India, Malaysia or Mexico, among others, and a hotter menu spicy side with winter proposals for all audiences. There will also be sauces tastings that will test your asbestos mouths and tolerance to spice, workshops to learn to play, and you can even play life in a spicy duel based on fire (at the plate) Taiwanese and Mexican. To check out their menu and much more, visit:

Photo source: Fuet Magazine

 The Barcelona International Jazz Festival

One of the longest-running events in the city, the Jazz festival runs from June all the way until 15th December!
Free concerts, master classes by leading figures, interesting conferences, meetings with artists … A series of parallel activities complete the program, offering multiple options to enjoy good music and a passion for jazz during the celebration of the contest.
For tickets, programme listings and further information, please visit: