Meet Viktoria – “The Selfie Queen”

Author: Anelia Parvanova

Who is Viktoria?

Only at the age of 19, Viktoria has already a lot to talk about. She was born and raised in Ukraine but currently doing her bachelor degree in Poland. Viktoria is studying Finance and Accounting in Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa, located in Nysie. Last year, she had to decide where she will do her exchange and internship and her decision was Spain. In July, the adventure for Viki began by starting her internship in Barcelona at Stay U-nique.

Dancing, singing and going out are only some of Viktoria’s hobbies. She loved to socialize with the others, she was happy to join salsa dance classes and even happier to do all of the “office monthly targets”- baking cakes for the office, sing in the middle of the office (that is how we found out that she is actually really good singer!) and many others.

Why “The selfie queen”?

During her 3-months internship at Stay U-nique Viktoria took an incredible amount of selfies- more than 100. During every check-in we are asking our guests if we can take a selfie with them just as a memory and if they do not mind- we might use it for our social media channels. The charm our “Selfie queen” has definitely helped her to be crowned and proudly walk around the office like a queen.

What are the others saying about Viktoria? 

I don’t think that you will find a single person saying a bad word for Viktoria. Everybody loved her positivity, her smile and her enthusiasm about doing what she was supposed to in the best possible way. “She is full of energy, always giving good ideas and a hard-worker”- that’s how Antoine (one of the managers at the company) is describing Viktoria.

And what were her thoughts about the past 3 months…

At Stay U-nique, every single employee is filling a daily review at the end of the working day. You can “score” the day and write a note of what were your thoughts, how did it go, what happened etc. The following text is Viktoria’s last daily review which summarize the past three months through her eyes:

“How does an intern feels when she/he is starting/leaving internship?
Everything started in the end of June. I came to the company full of curiosity and without any expectations. I could not guess what is waiting for me behind the door on the 3th floor of the building, where the office of Stay U-nique is located. I looked forward to meeting everybody. I met them, however, I couldn’t remember all names and then, I was pleasantly surprised with “a welcome cake” and that everything what was happening at that moment was because of me. I felt special, I felt unique. Unique land is a beautiful place. All people are having fun…..

…..I have never thought that something can really touch my feelings. I hate farewell and that`s why I don`t want to say goodbye. You are Unique, guys. I hope that I left a good impression about myself. I had one chance and I hope that I didn’t waste it. I am really thankful to all of you. I asked myself plenty of times the question “Why am I here?” … I am not sure how I can answer. I am looking at all of the people here and  all I can say is that they are unique. Am I also unique? I don’t know, but it makes me feel like that. Thank you for this feeling. You are unique company, we are unique and I will always feel like a small piece of Stay U-nique. I will NEVER forget all moments and experiences I had. THANK YOU! You will be always in my heart”

If you want to get to know Viktoria even better check the video we made with her: