The back streets of Barcelona

Author: Shree Magdani

Feel inspired 

Barcelona is home to beautiful scenery including its man-made aspects such as the beaches, the gorgeous architecture and, not to mention, the street art. If you have been to Barcelona, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Every street paints its own picture; every shop shutter is decorated in doodles and bright colours and every painting, big or small, adds to the vibrancy of this eccentric city.

The city itself is already known for its Gaudi architecture, its world-renowned Picasso museum and its Joan Miro sculptures. More recently, it has become known to be home to some of the most mesmerising artwork from artists who have been using walls as their canvas and the great outdoors as their galleries to the thousands of tourists and locals that pass the streets everyday. 

The art hotspots 

El Raval, which is based in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona is one of the most popular areas to view some of these masterpieces. This particular area has a strong reputation as it is vibrant, historic, authentic and full of personality. From one street to the next, there is a variation of expressive art that is truly captivating. 

It should be noted that unless you paint in the suburbs or have been commissioned on private property, you will be given a €3000 fine and the heart wrenching abolishment of your artwork. This could be the reason why the visuals are so highly appreciated. 

Home to the graffiti park, Pac De Les Tres Xemeneies is every street artists dream. Local and international artists can sign up online and be given a specific section of a wall to paint within a designated time period. The end result is a continuously changing open air gallery of graffiti and street art. Definitely something to check out! The artwork is both expressive and unique. 

Spot the artist

EL Xupet Negre

Translates to ‘The Black Pacifier’ in Catalan, is one of Barcelona’s most famous street artists. He established his distinctive logo in 1989 and can be found drawn and painted all over the city of Barcelona. El Xupet Negre has progressed from being a late-night creative to ‘live’ painting performances and features in galleries worldwide.


H101’s work can be found all over his adopted city, Barcelona. His pieces are instantly recognisable as they combine psychedelic forms with dramatic abstract shapes. He uses his flair and creativity to decorate shop fronts, shutters and other inanimate objects which would otherwise serve little purpose as drab, lifeless spaces. His work can be found around El Born & Gothic. You can’t miss it!

Seen any cool street art in and around Barcelona? Share your images with us! We’d love to hear from you.