short trip to Barcelona- A guide to maximising your time

Short trip to Barcelona? Here are the top things you must do!

Author: Michael Bartkiewicz

Hola, my name is Michael Bartkiewicz and I am an intern at Stay U-nique. I find Barcelona fascinating and I love blogging about various things that are going on here such as food, drinks, events and beyond!

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So you’re coming to Barcelona for a weekend or even a day? Want to know best things to do? Ranging from culture, nightlife, food and activities? This guide will point you to best local places so you can make the most out of your stay! Read this blog and maximise your time!

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Cool activities to do in Barcelona

Bunkers de Can Baró

Bunkers del Carmel in the El Carmel district

Bunkers del Carmel in the El Carmel district

So you want to see all of Barca in a short space of time? Head down to the Bunkers for a  breathtaking panoramic view of the city. The bunkers were built in 1937 during the Spanish civil war. They were used as part of the anti-craft battery to defend against fascist aerial attacks.

After the civil war under the Franco regime, the bunkers became a shanty town for the poorer residents of Barcelona.  Until 1990’s the bunkers served as their housing but with the 1992 Summer Olympics approching, the city decided to clean up and relocate those living there.

Now the bunkers are a great place to see the whole city. The top of the bunkers is a great place to hang out, enjoy the views and even have a picnic.

How to get there:

Metro station: Guinardó Hospital de Sant Pau, from there walk up through the Parc del Guinardó until you reach the top. Alternatively, you can get off at El Carmel or El Coll La Teixonera and walk up the hill. Bus: 24 from Passeig de Gracia or V17 from Carrer de Mühlberg that will drop you off at the entrance to the Parc del Guinardó.

Novel places to drink

Nevermind Barcelona 

Nevermind Bar Barcelona

Nevermind Bar

If you are into rock/punk/metal music and want to experience a truly Barcelona bar head down to Raval neighbourhood and visit the Nevermind bar! Barcelona is one of the best skate cities in the world (as pronounced by the Transworld skateboarding magazine). The Nevermind bar keeps true to this by having an area to skate at the back as well as that, the furniture is made up of old skateboards. If you are looking for a cool place to drink with a good vibe swing by Carrer dels Tallers, 68, Barcelona. Opening hours: 17:30 – 03:00/03:30 daily. Happy Hour beer: € 1.50. Find out more here.

Bar Marsella

Bar Marsella in Raval

This establishment was opened in 1820. Rumoured to have been a regular hangout spot to the likes of Picasso and Hemmingway.

The order of business here is absinthe. Served with a cube of sugar, water and a special spoon. First, dip the sugar cube in the absinthe, once soaked take out the sugar and balance over the glass with the spoon. Then light the alcohol soaked cube and watch as the hot sugar drips into your beverage. I usually add some water after that as absinthe is super strong. Best of all, Woody Allen shot a scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona right here! The place has a brilliant atmosphere of Bohemian Barcelona and local people. If this sound like your cup of tea or must I say absinthe you can find Bar Marsella in

Best of all, Woody Allen shot a scene from Vicky Cristina Barcelona right here! The place has a brilliant atmosphere of Bohemian Barcelona and local people. If this sound like your cup of tea or must I say absinthe you can find Bar Marsella in C/Sant Pau 65. 

L’Ovella Negra

Ovella Negra (The Black Sheep Barcelona)

Ovella Negra photo credit Ovella Negra Facebook.

If you are fortune enough to be in Barcelona during a football game, head over to L’Ovella Negra in Las Rambla for a great local Catalan vibe and football emotions. If you aren’t fortunate to go to a game in Camp Nou, L’Ovella Negra is a great plan B.

This may be a subjective piece of advice but if you are in Barcelona go and experience the local sports scene live. Whether be it football, basketball whatever. The Catalan people always create a magical atmosphere with their chants. As well as creating a great atmosphere on the field, the people of Barcelona create an awesome one off the field too. Ovella Negra is, in my opinion, the best place for that! You can find them in Carrer Sitges 5. The beer here great too.

La Tasqueta De Blai – If your here for a day, you must try Pintxos – “tapas on bread”


Some may say try the seafood some say tapas. In my opinion, Pintxos are the most exciting food to try in Barcelona, and yes I know it is not a Catalan dish.

Pintxos come from the Basque country but are an absolute treat. What makes pintxos great is their simplicity and variety. Bread topped with various delicious Spanish food, can’t go wrong there. For some awesome Pintxos head over to La Tasqueta De Blai, they can be found at Carrer de Blai, 17. 


Barceloneta at sundown

If your visit coincides with sunny weather, be sure to swing by the Barceloneta beach.  As well as being a dynamic city, Barcelona has many great beaches. Barceloneta has loads great places to eat and drink right on the beach. Make sure to check the full guide to Barcelona Beaches here. Whether you are looking for a place to hang out and relax or get active and play some beach volleyball, Barcelonata is the place.

To get to Barceloenta there is a metro stop called “Barceloneta” (yellow line, L4) or you can walk down (10minutes approx.) from Drassanes station down to the shore. Bus: Passeig Marítim / Almirall Cervera: 45, 59, D20. There is also parking available nearby.

Venture out Gràcia, El Raval and more

Gracia Placa de Sol

Barcelona has a lot to offer if you are willing to venture out! Many great neighbourhoods such as Gràcia and El Raval offer a true Barcelona experience. When in Gràcia be sure to have a drink at the Plaça de Sol. A neighbourhood square of Gràcia lined with terrace cafes that serve great food and drinks. At night people gather at the Plaça to drink and enjoy the architecturally pleasing surroundings.

Top tips when in Barcelona

I asked a few fellow interns about a top tip before visiting Barcelona and here is some wisdom:

  • Google Maps will be your best friend.
  • Consider renting a bike in Barcelona the city has great cycling routes.

When arriving at the airport:

  • The cheapest way to get to Placa Catalunya (the centre of Barcelona) is the Aerobus. Best booking before, pretty simple through a smartphone.  €5.90 every 10-15 mins.
  • Another option is the 46 bus but this requires a T-10.
  • Next get a T-10! T-10 is a public transport ticket for 10 journeys, train and bus. Barcelona is quite small and all the public transport is well organised.
  • T-10 can also be used from to get a train from the airport but in some cases, you might need a specific ticket depending on wich terminal you land.
  • Unless you are taxi person. There is no Uber in Barcelona so wave down the cabs they will stop. The taxi from the airport to the city will be about arounf 25 euros.


  • Be vigilant with your belonging on public transport, in cafes, bars and restaurants. Like most big European cities one has to be extra careful!

Sundays and public holidays

  • Before your trip make sure to check if there are any bank holiday coming up in Barcelona! There is quite a few of them throughout the year and services such as supermarkets etc are disturbed.
  • Sundays is a similar scenario but the main museum and galleries have free entry on Sundays so look out for that!

Well, thats’s that hope this helps you have a great Barcelona trip!

Here are all the places mentioned in the blog on the map:


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