The best Ice Cream in Barcelona!

Author: Isabella Hardie

Moved from Bournemouth to Barcelona for the year. Learning all of the wonders of the city, and sharing them with you one blog post at a time 🙂

Lover of red wine, tapas and all things artistic <3

Summer is just round the corner here in Barcelona, which means only one thing, Ice Cream!

Over the years a huge amount of gelato and ice cream connoisseurs from all over the world have come to Barcelona to set up shop. This means when searching for the perfect frozen treat, its easy to find yourself spoilt for choice.  I have compiled a list of the most unmissable venue’s to satisfy you’re frozen needs on a hot summers day. Whether your looking for a flavour completely out of your imagination, or a gluten free treat you won’t be disappointed!

Eyescream and Friends

Serving up some of the Best shaved gelato in Barceloneta! I stumbled upon this parlour after a long day at the beach, and I was craving big time for some delicious Ice Cream! 8 different delicious flavours, branded as adorable characters such as “Inspector Berry” or “Miss Fancy” you choose your toppings, and then eyes are placed on top of your gelato to make your character come to life! Such a fun idea, and perfect for children. The best part? They even have gluten free options, for those with any special dietary needs. I chose Vanilla with Dulche de Leche sauce, and cookie crumble, I can certainly say I will definitely be returning.

Eyescream and Friends, have stores worldwide in destinations such as Singapore and Dubai too, and future plans to open more, so watch this space!

Where to find them: Paseo de Joan de Borbó, 30

Opening times: Mon-Thurs: 2pm-10pm, Fri-Sun: 2pm-1am (in Summer it changes to 1pm-1am)


Looking for an authentic Italian gelato experience whilst here in Barcelona? Massimo Pignata, left Italy to open up his ice cream parlour here in Barcelona.

Ice cream


Using 100% natural ingredients, this venue is serving up a true taste of Italian gelato, keeping things simplistic yet pure. If ice cream isn’t what you fancy, try the famous lemon baked pie, honestly its the best.

Located in the district Eixample, there is even a quiet terrace for you to enjoy your ice cream quietly away from all the tourists and hustle and bustle of the city.  Perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring the city. So sit back relax and let Massimo take care of you.

Where to find them: Enric Granados, 15

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun:  9:30am-9:30pm


I stumbled upon this ice cream parlour after a long day soaking up the Barcelona sun at the beach. Hot and in search for my favourite frozen treat I walked into Vioko. With over 50 different flavours of ice cream ranging from classics like chocolate and vanilla, to more wild and whacky rose flavour or jasmine amongst many others.

ice cream

Source: Barcelona-Home

The best part? The ice cream here is made with natural ingredients so you don’t have to feel guilty whilst satisfying your sweet tooth!

Its interior decor is enough to draw in any unknowing passerby, and the place was absolutely packed when I found it! In winter they specialise in chocolate and cakes so you don’t need to worry about missing out if you come visit in the cooler months! My challenge for summer, to try all of the flavours, I will let you know how I get on.

Where to find them: Passeig de Joan De Borbó, 55, 08003 Barcelona

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00am-11:00pm


If you are looking for the ultimate satisfaction for that sweet tooth then look no further! Sirvent actually began as a nougat factory in the 1920’s so you can definitely trust this venue to know their stuff about anything sweet related. Famously known for its giant copa’s which are sundaes consisting of cookies, ice cream and fruit amongst other toppings!

ice cream

Source: IT BCN Lifestyle

The huge lines outside the venue should be homage to how good the ice cream is in this shop. On top of that they also sell milkshakes, fruit slushes and many other delicious treats. Make sure you come with a friend and an empty stomach, because you’ll definitely be leaving full. This place is known as a summer must here in Barcelona.

Where to find them: Carrer de Parlament, 56

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-12am