Best burgers in Barcelona!

Author: Anna MacDonald

The Burger Boom

The burger trend has been spreading for years now, with gourmet burger shops popping up in cities all around the world. Barcelona is no exception to this, with tonnes of restaurants offering ‘the best burgers in Barcelona’, even if the ones that boast this are generally not the best! Don’t worry, we have done all of the hard work for you and found the best burgers in Barcelona! Read on to find out what our top picks are.



Bacoa has not had the easiest of journeys to becoming one of the best burger places in Barcelona! Australian born owner, Brad Ainsworth, first opened Bacoa when Spain’s property crisis hit and he was only trying to increase the former Australian/Thai fusion restaurant’s popularity in order to sell the place. Little did he know that it was about to take off and become one of the most popular places in Barcelona for burgers. With five different restaurants in Barcelona, you’re never far away from an unforgettable burger experience! They are committed to using premium ingredients and putting everything together by hand; ‘we are chefs, not chemists’ is proudly stated on their website. Evidence of this can be found in their selection of homemade sauces, (the black truffle mayonnaise is a firm favourite among Bacoa fans) or their hand rolled buns. Burger lovers who want a fresh, high quality yet reasonably priced meal will not be disappointed!



Oval offers the most customised burgers in all of Barcelona! This trendy burger restaurant gives customers a vast amount of things to choose from, with 13 options for cheese alone! You can also choose from a wide selection of toppings, breads, sauces and what type of patty you want. If the option to create your own burger isn’t enough to tempt you to visit Oval, they also include different sides to lots of other burger places in Barcelona such as sweet potato fries or a plate of nachos with guacamole, cheese and jalapeños! Whether you want to keep it simple at Oval or create a masterpiece, there is something for everyone.



‘Intimate friend’ is the literal translation of Makamaka in Hawaiin, and is a suiting name as it tells the story of how Makamaka began. Co-owners, Steef and Andrea, were living together in Amsterdam before coming to Barcelona and putting their passion for good food, times, drinks and people to use by creating a burger beach cafe that serves up some of the best burgers and cocktails in all of Barcelona! All of this along with a laid-back beach vibe and reasonable prices keeps both locals and tourists coming back again and again. Their menu is varied and certainly has ingredients that you won’t find in all typical burger joint in the city. Why not try ‘The Dude’ which combines a free range burger patty, port wine – reduced mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce, bacon, oven baked tomato, walnut and goat cheese sauce all inside a multi cereal bun.

Bernie’s Diner


This 50’s style diner prides itself on offering its guests’ a different burger experience to fast food restaurants! They aim to bring back the charm of the olden days when food was ‘based on simplicity and genuine quality’. Their American diner style is complete with a jukebox, fifties music and memorabilia and big red shiny booths. Bernie’s aims to be a gathering spot for friends and family like American Diners always used to be, offering home-made food in typical American portion sizes that’s bound to refuel you after a long day of exploring Barcelona! If you’re really in need of a refuel you could even try the ‘Bernie’s Challenge’ (pictured), with a massive 400g worth of burger meat!

Foc i Oli


This restaurant differs to all others on the list as its French and Uruguayan owners have added twists from their home countries to the food they serve! You can even watch your burger being made whilst being given the choice of which fresh ingredients you want in your burger. Chef Anthony Bourdain, claims that ‘The Chivito’ is the best burger in the world, why not taste for yourself and see if his biased statement is true!? This hidden treat can be found tucked away on Carrer d’Aribau, stop by after work for amazing burgers and a selection of the traditional Catalan drink, Vermouth.