Gluten and Dairy Free Restaurants in Barcelona

Author: Anna MacDonald

Eating out is one of the best things about being on holiday so luckily there are quite a few gluten and dairy free restaurants in Barcelona! We’ve selected some of the best options for people with allergies but is a good place to start if you want to search for some more (you can also make reservations from here). Luckily the words for ‘no gluten/lactose’ in Spanish are very similar to English so when ordering it’s easy to mention “sin gluten” or “sin lactosa” to ensure there’s no confusion!

gluten and dairy free restaurants in barcelona

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Copasetic– Location: Diputacio, 55 / Nearest metro station: Rocafort / +34 935 32 76 66

The food here is always fresh and it’s organic wherever possible. Each dish on the menu is marked with ‘g.f’ and/or ‘l.f’ making it easy to choose for yourself without needing to ask the waiters which dishes are and aren’t suitable! Their menu includes things such as freshly made soups, sandwiches, crepes, salads and gourmet hamburgers.


La Lluna– Location: Calle Santa Anna, 20 / Nearest metro stations: Urquinaona or Universitat / +34933424479

This is a very charming restaurant with a nice atmosphere. The menu is almost entirely gluten free and they are very accommodating to allergies so the waiter can recommend which of their dishes are also lactose free (they can accommodate for the two allergies together when asked, even though they specialise primarily in gluten free).


Gut– Location: Carrer del Perill, 13 / Nearest metro station: Diagonal / +34 931 86 63 60

This restaurant prides itself on its warm atmosphere and attention to detail, and most importantly: its varied menu with lots of gluten and dairy free options! The cuisine is mainly Mediterranean but there are also some more international dishes.


L’Arròs– Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 12 / Nearest metro station: Barceloneta / +34 932 21 26 46

This is a lovely paella restaurant by the sea that is very allergy friendly as the dishes that are gluten and dairy free are marked on the menu; meaning you need not miss out on a traditional Spanish meal if you’re interested in trying some paella on your visit to Barcelona!


Messie sin gluten– Location: Carrer de Siracusa, 15 / Nearest metro station: Fontana / +34 931 19 56 05

This amazing restaurant is 100% gluten free! Whilst not every dish is dairy free however, you can replace the cheese on the pizzas with lactose-free cheese for 1 euro extra. They also serve pasta, salads and delicious deserts!


Teresa Carles– Location: Carrer de Jovellanos, 2 / Nearest metro station: Universitat / +34 933 17 18 29

This is a very healthy restaurant with massive portions! Like with most of the restaurants on this list, they mention on the menu if the food is gluten free (GF), which is very helpful. But be warned – the ‘DF’ on the menu does not stand for dairy free, it instead stands for dried fruits. It is better to check with the friendly waiters and waitresses which of the dishes are also dairy free.


Eyescream and friends– Location: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 30 / Nearest metro station: Barceloneta / +34 932 21 53 10

This ice cream place is very unique in the way it serves its ice cream! You first choose the ice cream flavour, and this is placed in a tray with two eyes on top (hence the name) and then inside the same tray you also get to pick two toppings to put on top e.g. sweets and sauces. Their sorbets are all gluten and dairy free. This is a very fun place, especially for younger children as they will love customising their little ice cream creature!


Pasteleria Jansana Gluten Free– Location: Balmes, 106 / Nearest metro station: Diagonal / +34 931 70 07 14

This bakery serves gluten free treats and some of them are lactose free also! All of the items on their menu are made fresh on site with very strict procedures to ensure that their kitchen is 100% gluten free!


Bell Amic– Carrer d’en Gignàs, 25 / Nearest metro station: Barceloneta / +34 933 15 12 59

Tthis restaurant offers Catalan cuisine to give you a taster of the Catalan culture! The restaurant owner, Lluís, knows first-hand the problem of suffering food allergies and so this restaurant is very accommodating to gluten and dairy intolerances.


Zero Gluten BCN– Location: Carrer de Valencia, 423 / Nearest metro station: Sagrada Familia / +34936241688

Conveniently located very close to the Sagrada Familia, this take away paella place is a great opportunity to grab a quick yet authentic lunch as its located very close by to Gaudi’s masterpiece! As you can guess from the name, they are obviously gluten free, however they also only use dairy free milk, making them lactose free as well!