Barcelona Travel Apps!

Author: Anna MacDonald

In days gone by a travel guide book would have been your no. 1 travel companion, but many people are choosing to replace them with travel apps! Here is Stay U-nique’s guide to the best Barcelona travel apps you should be using around the city on your trip!


Trip Advisor City Guides- Barcelona
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Trip Advisor’s app has a number of features which will aid any traveller looking to get the most out of their time in Barcelona. With the use of categories you can look up reviews on restaurants, hotels and local attractions. There are thousands of user ratings and descriptions meaning you are sure to find an accurate representation of the best places to go, see, stay and eat! In addition to this, once the guide is installed it will provide the GPS locations of different places of interest near to you and even give you directions to the ones you have pinned! This can be used without WiFi so it’s very useful if you are just strolling through the city. Users can upload photos to a trip album within the app and share to social media or with friends. Furthermore you can even book tours and buy tickets for local attractions. In essence this app is an all in one bible to Barcelona.


BCN Visual
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Whilst wandering through the streets of Barcelona, taking in the beautiful architecture and famous sites, have you ever wondered what they looked like centuries ago? BCN visual offers pictures of buildings and streets decades or even centuries ago. The app has descriptions and shows where you are on its own interactive map! Another amazing feature of the app is the Augmented Reality mode where you can scan the building or street at the location you are at and the app will create a photo which shows how the location has changed over time! This is a really fun and creative way of getting to know the history of this beautiful city!


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Do you want to go to the seaside? This app is perfect for anyone seeking some sun, sand and sea on their trip to Barcelona! The app itself lists all of the beaches in and around Barcelona and other locations in Spain. From the app you can then find out where the beaches are and in addition to this you can find out several weather indicators such as temperature, wind and waves. There is a jellyfish warning indicator, so if you arrive at a beach and you notice there are some, you can then use the app to warn other people! One way to avoid the sting and ensure complete relaxation on your swim!


Barcelona Corre
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Running is very popular in Barcelona and Barcelona Corre is the perfect tool to get you started if you want to explore the city whilst getting some exercise! The app contains 23 possible running routes grouped into sections – different city districts, arranged by the surroundings e.g parks and gardens and more challenging runs. There’s also a section dedicated to the most popular races that take place around the city. Each route has its own information about length, terrain differences, difficulty and so on giving you all the information you need in order to choose the perfect run for you!


Spotted by Locals
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This app offers recommendations of places to visit in Barcelona and is written entirely by Barcelona loving locals. The recommendations fit in to 10 categories: arts and culture, bars, cinema, coffee and tea, music, relaxing, restaurants, shopping, snacks and theatres. You can browse the app and mark any tips that you find interesting as favourites, making them easier to come back to. You can click a button marked “nearby” for a list of spots near you if you’re online whilst using the app. The app contains basic offline maps and if you’re online, you can get detailed directions from your location to the chosen destination. With the app, spotted by locals, you can discover the city of Barcelona like a real local!


BCN Paisatge

bcn-paisatgeThis unusual app guides you through the many interesting secrets on the streets of Barcelona. BCN Paisatge invites you to discover unique aspects of Barcelona’s cityscape. It’s a complete guide for getting to know hidden spots that give the city its character. You can even find them without an internet connection. The app also contains a selection of shops that have maintained their character and atmosphere over decades. The ‘near me’ feature lets you see which unusual points of interest are close to you and the app then guides you there. This app is perfect for any tourist in Barcelona wishing to get ‘off the beaten track’ and learn more about the rich, interesting history that is displayed everywhere throughout the city.