Beautiful Barcelona Beaches

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Whether you’re looking for hidden coves, pristine sand, or crashing waves – Catalonia’s incredible beaches have it all. The Catalan capital is home to a 4.5 km coastline, boasting seven diverse beachfronts bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. Keep reading to learn more about the beautiful Barcelona beaches and surrounding areas!


Inside Barcelona

Marbella Beach

Mar Bella

Mar Bella beach is an ideal spot for anyone hoping to enjoy some activities by the water. The area hosts ample facilities, including a skateboard rink, basketball hoop, and ping- pong tables. Closer to the waterfront, you will also find a volleyball court and children’s playground. This beautiful spot is frequented by many of the area’s locals, making it far cleaner and less crowded than the beaches closer to the city centre. If you want to add some excitement to your day, be sure to check out the nautical centre’s water sport facilities!



Nova icaria

Needing a break from the bustle of the city? Nova Icaria beach has come to be known as one of the quietest beaches on the shore– and one with a charming view of the marina! With a reputation for high quality services and amenities, the coastline offers a number of well-established restaurants and shops for when you need a break from the sun. The Centre Minicipal de Vela also runs hourly sailing courses – try out kayaking or windsurfing if you’re feeling adventurous!




Music, dancing, beach parties and more! If a lively atmosphere is what you’re after, then Barceloneta Beach has it all.  Lined with some of the city’s best beach bars, restaurants, and nightclubs – the area is always buzzing with activity. Towards the top of the beach you will find a large arcade, along with the Espai de Mar Centre, a facility offering a variety of both sport and leisure activities. The beach is within walking distance to many of the city’s other attractions, and is easily accessible by metro or foot.


Outside Barcelona

Sant Pol del Mar - One of the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona

St. pol de mar

Just a one-hour train ride away from Barcelona’s core is St. Pol de Mar Beach. With hidden coves, rolling hills and clear water, this grandiose landscape is a great option for travellers seeking scenic views. The beach town is also home to the beautiful gotic church of Sant Juame, a treat for any architecture aficionados!


Tossa de mar

In the nearby Province of Girona, you will find the beautiful town of Tossa de Mar. Crystal blue waters, scenic mountain views, and a picturesque fishing village are what make this beach such a hidden gem. The coastal town offers an authentic Spanish experience, with a number of traditional shops, restaurants and bars to choose from. The majestic castle and medieval walls only add to the charm of the old town. For adventure seekers, snorkelling, cliff jumping, and cave diving are just a few of the exhilarating activities the beachfront offers.


Sitges beach - Photo Courtesy of Pablo Pola Damonte


Hoping for a change in pace? Look no further than Sitges – a picturesque beach town located just a 45 minute train ride away from Barcelona. This vibrant Spanish town is home to three museums filled with unique artefacts and art collections. The relaxed atmosphere creates a perfect environment to explore the town’s many antique shops, art galleries, local boutiques, and gourmet restaurants. Sitges offers an incredible variety of seafood, and is the ideal place to enjoy traditional Catalan cuisine by the beach. If you plan on spending the night, enjoy the area’s spirited nightlife – learn how to make the perfect mojito at the renowned Casa Bacardi or dance the night away at one of the area’s many bars and clubs!


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